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Au Bon Pain

nb 4.4 / 5
Park Street
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Au Bon Pain Reviews and Ratings - Park Street Area, Kolkata

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Somesh Bilung

Nice place for a quick breakfast with some friends. It's relatively expensive compared to other places near it but the food is definitely worth it. It's got a nice and calm ambience. Perfect place for Sunday morning breakfasts


Rated 4.0 by Disha Ghosh

Conveniently located at Park Street. The place has a huge seating area spread across two floors. Spending lone time or with your friends without​ any time bond is appropriate here. No one comes to disturb you as this place has self service. You can take your time and decide what food you want for yourself. The staffs are very polite and welcoming (they serve their customers with a smiling face). The decor (the big glass walls gives a proper view and adds on to the beauty of the place) ambience is also very pleasing. The seats are cozy. Every edible items and drinks are on display, so one can go around, decide what they want, take it and get it billed on the counter. The food is absolutely fresh and yum over here. FOOD WE TOOK Non-veg Platter: It had an egg puff, a small fruit bowl, two sausages and a choice of drink. We took apple juice which was good. Spinach and corn puff: The puff was fresh and stuffed with proper proportions of spinach and corn. Apple crumble muffin: It was really very tasty with a bits of apple crumble in it. Chocolate fantasy in a jar: It had layers of cream and pastry and at the bottom it had a rich layer of chocolate. It was absolutely yummy. DRINKS Mango lassi: I didn't like the mango lassi. It had no thick consistency and tasted a bit sour. Tea: They have an on going offer of unlimited tea for a person at 59rupees including GST (appt for tea lovers). They have different flavours of tea like Vanilla, Masala, Elaichi, Black and Green Tea. You can also add up milk as it suits you. Pocket​ pinch is moderate. RECOMMENDED 😃


Rated 4.0 by Rajdeep Biswas

probably one f d joints where u can drop widout even making any plans..and u go on enjoying there delicious desserts to drinks and defntly a fine place to sit n gossip for hours...


Rated 3.0 by Deba

I've had an umpteen number of meals at this brand outlet in I walked into this known place expecting food like I was had tasted. And disappointed I was! Absolutely the worst..the black forest cake was so brick like that I almost forgot I was at au bon pain...the cold sandwiches were stale and my friend had wings the smell of which made me want to vomit..the staff just shout out welcome and thank you harshly..and the decor is nice though the top floor seating was restricted. In a nutshell don't waste your hard earned money here for the ambience..choose flurrys instead.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Jahnab Chanda

Sit, drink unlimited tea/coffee and have a great great time with friends. I wish this place was closer to my home. Looking forward to going there again soon.