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Southern Avenue, Keyatala
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Asia House Reviews and Ratings - Keyatala, Kolkata


Rated 1.0 by Debopriyo Mukherjee

Terrible experience! Went to Asia House for lunch along with my friends Alekhya Chakraborty and 2 others. We were in for a terribly disappointing experience. We ordered a Chef's late night special bowl, a khawsuey, a Pho and a basil chicken bowl. The menu promised Vietnamese, Burmese and Thai food. At best the food served to us qualified as expensive chinese food. The Khawsuey had no taste of Burmese sauces, rather minced chicken and noodles drowned in coconut milk. The basil chicken tasted like the chilli chicken that any other roadside eatery in Kolkata serves. The Pho was stewed noodles and vegetables and the Chefs special bowl which promised Kung Pao chicken had a few nuts thrown into it, instead of the preparation actually having incorporated the nutty taste. Forget the taste of Asia n countries like Burma or Vietnam, we were served overpriced "Kolkata Chinese"! Even the sodas we ordered at the end of the meal were flat! Do yourself a favour, save your money and the hours of time you'll be wasting waiting for your terrible food to be served and go anywhere other than this place for your taste of Asia! On a side note, lost faith in Zomato's rating system too since the only reason we went here was because it was rated highly on Zomato!


Rated 2.0 by Alekhya Chakraborty

Was utterly disappointed as today we 4 childhood friends planned to have asian (non-chinese, Vietnamese , thai and Burmese ) . Unfortunately none of the items were the way they should be . For e.g The khao suey was basically thai yellow curry with more coconut milk , the Vietnamese pho was basically a thupka. However must admit the 2 starters ordered were good and yes to add to it the 2 glasses of thums up served were surely from a plastic bottle which were opened earlier .


Rated 4.0 by Megha Mahapatra

I went there for my birthday lunch a few days back. Had heard about this place a lot of times. Quite affordable. The staff were sometimes not around when we needed them but they were kind. One star less because they could really improve the interiors. It lacks that charm. But the food more than makes up for it. It is amazing. We had Crispy Oriental chilli rolls, meifoon noodles, chicken in Asian barbeque sauce and schezwan fried rice. All of them were too good.


Rated 4.0 by Aritra Basu

Food :- 8/10 Ambience :- 7/10 Staff :- 8/10 It was my friends bday, and we visited this place just to have authentic chinese dishes.. Yes every thing was awesome starting from 1 . Prawn sweet corn soup 2. Asian barbeque pork 3. Prawn noodles 4. Honey chicken Just one thing which i noticed is that the place is small with few decors as compared to the photos on zomato and very few staffs as well !! Recommended surely for good food !!


Rated 4.0 by Prianka Dey

I have visited this place on saturday.. I just love the ambiance.. Its feels soo quite and great... Now come to the food. Its just mouth watering.. Tooo good in taste.. Completely different to others. I also loved the desert..... Just loved it..