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Aminia Reviews and Ratings - Gariya, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Indrajit Banerjee

Their biriyanis are must try items. Along with that you can order the chicken tikka butter masala as it is quite good and makes the biriyani and chicken side combo awesome. Overall a must try place for biriyani lovers


Rated 1.0 by Rajiv Sundas

Today we went to take a take away we ordered a portion of dal makhani which was bland paneer butter masala was no salt and garlic nan was all burnt we wasted our money and also our dinner


Rated 1.0 by Dipanjan Choudhury

Pathetic food, pathetic service quality, unprofessional behavior from staff. Should be avoided strictly. The quality of food has been steadily deteriorating. Chicken chaap and biryani are extremely below standard.


Rated 2.0 by Aditi

Once upon a time, when Alibaba or Arsalan Biriyanis were still a dream, Aminia and so ruled the city of joy. And over the years, so many biriyani shops have mushroomed up and have entered the market with a steady competition from their end, which are way better than the likes and tastes of Aminia. Now Aminia is meagerly surviving without a huge fan following but only with a handful of loyal ones. And one fine night, I decided to order some of their signature dishes to revive old memories, sadly, I found none! I ordered a half plate of Chicken Tandoori and one Special Chicken Biriyani for two people from a food delivery app with raining discounts. The taste of their dishes have gone down over the years very steadily. Yet some biriyani lovers like me, still feel nostalgic on just the word of Aminia. And I would request the die hard Biriyani lovers to not to forget this place and keep having biriyani from this place once in a while. The chicken tandoori was the only thing in the dinner that I ordered was fantastic and very up-to the mark. The tenderly cooked huge pieces of chicken has been grilled with authentic spices bringing out the delectable flavors of this Mughlai dish! The chicken pieces were quite fresh also. So no harm in purchasing this dish from this place. The special chicken biriyani, was taste-wise as well as quantity wise very poor. The quantity was less for even two people, and taste wise, the biriyani tasted very, very stale and weird. Also the chicken pieces were not that well cooked and weren't of those decent sizes also. I would request the chefs and the management to take care of the quality of their Biriyani ASAP.


Rated 5.0 by Swarnali Chakraborty

We had ordered half plate chicken tandoori and special mutton biryani.Wow!what a delicious experience.After a long time,it feels like that our taste buds have rejuvenated.The biryani was sufficient for two people and was too good,light and aromatic.The tandoori too was soft and perfectly flavoured and the size was too price worthy.Like to order again.Keep up the good work.