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Aminia Reviews and Ratings - Esplanade, Kolkata


Rated 4.0 by Nabendu Pathar

For me Aminia New market is a nostalgia. One of oldest outlet which serves Biriyani in Kolkata. To certain extent I may say my love for Biriyani started with this outlet. But my favourite menu of this outlet is Lascha Paratha and chicken/mutton kasha instead of Biriyani.. Whenever i get chance, visits this outlet just to have this mind boggling combo. Every time i put a piece of mushy lascha and kosha gravy, I begin to reenact the scene from Ratatouille in which the protagonist, the lovable rat chef Remy, is describing his culinary experiment with food, to combine the cheese and the strawberry. The combo is just perfect, awesome mouth watering taste which will surely melt your heart. Highly recommended..


Rated 4.0 by Anirban Saha

Being one of the most sought after place for biryani, it certainly lives up to its reputation. Ordered the usual Awadhi Biryani with Chicken Handi Masala with their signature starter Irani Chicken Tandoori. All 3 were much tasty with appropriate amount of spice. For those who aren't aware this is the oldest and head branch of Aminia chain and is my recommendation if you plan on visiting Aminia.


Rated 1.0 by Anushka Banerjee

Originally I would have rated this place a 3.5 or even 4. Economic, taste wise good (although quality and taste has deteriorated from what it was previously). But I am having serious issues with their hygiene standards. First, we found a hair in one of the biriyani platters ordered. Second, we see that there is a little black feather present in our plate of biriyani(yet again). Both of these are gross and aren't acceptable. I guess it should be made mandatory for all the cooking staff atleast to wear proper head covers. Apart from that, the food items particularly the side dishes were very oily. We ordered: 1. Chicken Iranian tandoori (5/5): Good in taste. Sufficient quantity. 2. Chicken and mutton biriyanis (1/5): The flavour has been reduced substantially and it tasted a bit bland than usual. The low rating is quite obvious thanks to the extra garnishings we found. 3. Chicken rezala (3/5): One of my favourite dishes. But this time it had a layer of oil floating above. Taste wise again deterioration with respect to earlier serving 4. Veg biriyani (3/5): Very sweet. Didn't like the taste much. 5. Veg mix masala (4/5): Expected many veggies but it was more like matar paneer with little qty of capsicum. But tasted quite good. The spicy flavour was very balanced. Very oily. 6. Firni (5/5): A fav item which is a speciality of this chain. Simply yum and provides the perfect finishing to the mughlai cuisine.


Rated 3.0 by Rishi Saha

Aminia, one of the legends of Kolkata, is a place I used to frequent with my family. I really loved the food there. But my recent visit brought down my expectations. The amount of oil in Chicken Rezala was too much and their service is not what it used to be. Still a place to visit once if you want to complete the list of legendary restaurants in Kolkata..!!


Rated 5.0 by The Real Foodie

Located in New Market area. It's the very first restaurant of Aminia opened in Kolkata. The place is known for it's exquisitely delicious mughali dishes and it's ambience. Dishes such as biriyanis, various types of kebabs, etc. are available but the most recommendable kind of dessert is the firni available there. The staff there is very much customer friendly and cooperative. The quality of food is extremely appetizing and delicious and the price is also reasonable. So if anyone is looking for a good mughlai restaurant then Aminia will be the perfect choice. Aminia Official #foodie #Kolkata #loveforfood