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Jawaharlal Nehru Road, Esplanade
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Amber Reviews and Ratings - Esplanade, Kolkata


Rated 5.0 by Debarupa Kar

The food quality and the taste is incredible. The ambience and the behaviour of the staff was also very good. Very much satisfied coming here and i recommend everyone to visit this restaurant once.


Rated 1.0 by Susennath

Vogous in one word. Suppose Oly Pub gives one item in 160/- They charged 220/- same item. Barbeq charged 210/-. So what they want to do? Saw charged another only 80/-. They charged near about 140/-. So what reflects? Cutomer will do so. Other reviews some r correct and some of them r nostragic so they had wrote such comments. So what u will do, u will decide.


Rated 2.0 by Tanumoy Roy

Well.. when hot & humid are two best words to describe Kolkata streets, in a weekday lunch hours we went inside this restaurant to find comfort of mind, soul, body and ofcourse palate. It did surprise me the way the old style lift went up and then the door opened and welcomed us into a world that honestly I wasn't expecting. At the wee hours of lunch the place was quite empty but there were plenty of staffs inside. I must admit that the indian traditional decor inside is really well maintained, the place is quite spacious. The whole ambience will certainly give you a fell of bygone eras. They guided us to a table and made us comfortable. The menu was mostly north indian cuisine heavy and moderately rated compared to the space and decor they are maintaining. We ordered one murg tikka kebab and one mutton moti biriyani at first. The kebabs were succulent and moist inside but I didn't like their taste. It was probably charred first and then batter fried. They also tossed it with some sauce which made the whole taste of it very sour. I was expecting authentic charcoal grilled tikka flavour but it left a sour taste in my mouth. The biriyani was probably the most highly expected item of that afternoon. I was really excited to get a taste of it. But to our utter disappointment the biriyani was not even close to what we fondly call classic Kolkata biriyani. It came with few pieces of mutton meat balls, one horrible piece of mutton, one potato and some rice. Quantity was average. Let me explain the whole thing one by one. 1. The meatballs were too tiny and slightly burnt from outside. 2. Rice was missing authentic biriyani flavour. Tasted like ghee rice or pulao. 3. Potato was under boiled and raw inside. 4. The only mutton piece came with a big chunk of fat and bone. The rest was too hard to chew and tasted like rubber. Completely disappointed with their servings so far we decided to end our miserable lunch there and rather preferred to have something outside on the streets. I had a big expectation from them coz this place is quite old in this Waterloo st. area and honestly I have heard their name quite a few times before. It made my entire day sour to the extent that we even didn't bother to click any pic of our dishes. Hope they improve their food quality drastically as it is clearly not doing justice to the interior and the brand name.


Rated 2.0 by Soham Ghosh

I have ordered there tikka and mutton biriyani for lunch. Biriyani was not that much tasteful. Interior was nice and Staffs were well behaved. The piece of mutton was also very much tasteless. Items were also costly.


Rated 1.0 by Niraj Gupta

disgusting food....over billing....missing item...Bad executive behaviour