Dhakuria East

Phone no. - +91 7044678079, +91 8420198679


Cost for two - 300


South Indian

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Indiana Reviews and Ratings - Dhakuria East, Kolkata


Rated 1.0 by Jia Mata

Probably the absolute worst excuse for south indian food that i have EVER tasted. we ordered Medu wada, masala vada, and alu bonda. First of all it was all cold, stale, and tasteless, as if they had taken out day before yeasterday's food from the fridge and sent it. the thenga chutney had no taste of any kind, the thakkali chutney was well on its way to being rotten and smelled awful. the bonda batter had some kind of strange floral scent (probably kewra water to mask the staleness or something. the medu vada was dense, uncooked, and sticky inside. the item they sent as masala vada was neither masala nor vada. it seemed like bad vada batter...spoiled, mixed with a lot of maida and peanuts. and the alu bonda was like a very very bad, overfried, stale, batata wada with a really, relly thick cover. It is obvious that neither the cook nor the owner of this so called "restaurant" has ever tasted actual south indian food of any sort. i can only say that it was all horrible and disgusting...and i WILL NEVER ORDER FROM HERE AND I WILL WARN EVERYONE I KNOW NOT TO.


Rated 1.0 by Rahul

bad food


Rated 1.0 by Rituparna Poddar

This place doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Food over here just sucks! Didn’t like anything. I ordered simple idly with chutney & me it didn’t taste like idly. I literally could smell flour, moreover it was even half cooked! Please don’t waste your hard earned money over here.


Rated 1.0 by Deb Kumar Ray

Pathetic....The dosa which I ordered masala dosa..was not dosa at was a paratha like thing and they put a lot of red chilli powder on make matters worse the stuffing of potatoes and vegetables which is supposed to go inside the dosa was soon as I opened the stuffing..the whole house was filled with rotten the uthapam which I ordered and for which they are supposed to give sambar..they gave sambar no doubt but it was not was flour mixed in water and they put done sugary liquid on that...YUCK..I came to know that this place is a sister concern of ARCHANA DAYAL'S KITCHEN...what a shame and how foolish is to gave ordered from Aki's Kerala..I should have ordered this from a roadside dhava..I would have got at 1/3 the price..Is this how Kerala eats? no wonder many people are clamouring that South India be separated from the rest if India..they are not one if us...they are Sasikala's...Yuck


Rated 1.0 by Shrijan Ghosh

Absolutely the worse South Indian food I have ever had. We had ordered Masala Dosas and Sambhar Vada. The Sambhar was just normal dal. The Vada tasted very funny!! The Nariyal chutney was more sweeter than a Rasagulla( Don't know why). The only thing I liked were the Dosa and the tomato chutney. In short even though it is cheaper than many restaurants, it's absolutely not worth it to order food from here!

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