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The Cafe - Kailrugji Hotel

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The Cafe - Kailrugji Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Sadar, Jaipur


Rated 1.0 by Khutetapranav

Worst service,staff is not trained. Never go via little or nearbuy deal otherwise you become coupon wale and give the least priority, Your order is taken after serving all other orders. Ordered garlic bread they bring plain bread with garlic sprinkled on it wtf, when report is that a garlic bread superb reply we serve this type of garlic to all who came via coupons. It took 45 mins for soup and cold drinks and another 20 min for sizzler and main course is pathetic.


Rated 2.5 by Tia Kamaludin

Entering this unit in the morning, it looked so empty. Had a decent scramble egg and toast. It was a blessing after being a vegetarian for couple of days in India.