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SLAP Grill And Curries

nb 4.4 / 5
Ganpati Plaza, Sindhi Camp
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SLAP Grill And Curries Reviews and Ratings - Sindhi Camp, Jaipur


Rated 4.0 by Radhika Agarwal | TheFoodieDevi

“SLAP” — Sounds like a plan Grill and Curries recently revamped their menu, name and outlet. I’m extremely happy that I came across this place but really sad about the fact that I didn’t know about it earlier. This is one of the rare places in Jaipur that stays open till 4 am. It’s the perfect to-go place after late night work shifts, clubbing, etc. Also, this is THE BEST place to order online from late at night. Night owls like me get sudden hunger pangs late at night, and we never really had a decent delivery option, until now. - LOCATION & AMBIANCE : Location is central, in Ganpati Plaza at MI Road. It’s a small outlet accommodating around 10 people, but worry not, they have ample lot of space outside the outlet, hence you can enjoy your meal indoor, outdoor or even in your car. - FOOD : I tried some of their signature dishes, and I’d highly recommend you to try the following : TANGDI CHICKEN CHICKEN BANJARA PANEER BANJARA DAL MAKHNI BHUNA MAAS BUTTER CHICKEN BUTTER NAAN (One of the best in Jaipur) - STAFF & SERVICE : 4.5/5 Staff is friendly and and always smiling. Service is quick. - VALUE FOR MONEY : 4.5/5 Not only are they serving delicious food, but the quality is great as well. They’re serving such amazing food late at night, it’s worth every penny. - WILL I VISIT/ORDER AGAIN? Definitely! This is going to be my to-go place late at night, or even during early evenings when I’ll be craving for desi food.


Rated 5.0 by Nehakatta23

This is the one stop destination that I can think of going to at night which serves awesome food be it veg or non veg cuisines. A must visit for people who are looking to binge on sumptuous veg and non veg cuisines.


Rated 5.0 by Sanket Kumawat

One of the best place in Jaipur if u think non veg is BAE...tried only chicken and daal makhani ..and it was too good..wud like to try other dishes too. Must visit !!


Rated 5.0 by Damini Gaur

Life after death could be a life for someone! This was the thought that churned out when a friend treated me at this new little joint in Pinkcity. The marination got talking with the Banjara Chicken, which I do not expect anywhere in Jaipur to be served with such a delectable fashion. I am so sure that the fishes who led to the making of Fish seekh kebabs must have attained salvation by now. FYI I do not like fish or any other seafood at all but thanks to this friend of mine who probably, gifted me the best fishy treat. And then the Tangdi, Punjabification with a tangy gravy that had flavor and aroma of ‘methi’ (fenugreek). Not boasting though, but since I have lived quite a few cities and have decently ‘travelled’ the country, this was something I had never tried anywhere. The Bhuna Mutton where the reduced gravy was perfectly brown with shimmering onions into it. The flavour of spice mix, usually dominates the meat, unlike here. The show stealer was something which is not even on the menu yet, they were giving it a trial and were kind enough to let me grab a plate of ‘Kakori Kebabs’. I can vouch if you can get me better than this in Jaipur! Wish I could describe the texture and the pungent aroma within the ultra thin membrane that carefully encased the rich minced meat. Now all this for one meal shared by only two of us, do you need a proof any further? PS all frills are attached to food and not to the ambience. New #culinary landmark guys, all set for gustatory delights. #bingeiton


Rated 5.0 by Rahul Mishra

One of the best non veg restaurants in town I have been into and taste is just swam good and best part is every non veg dish has it own ambinces definitely I refer to every one and even in. zomoyo GRILL N CURRIES IS THE FIRST PREFERNCES MISS U SAME TOME IM SWIGGY