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Sardar Ji's Lassi And Kachori

Kishan Pol
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Sardar Ji's Lassi And Kachori Reviews and Ratings - Kishan Pol, Jaipur


Rated 5.0 by Rahul Bhatnagar

You can't beat the taste of kadi kachori served over here. Top it with a glass of lassi and you get stomach full of memories. You can see them preparing hot and fresh kachori. This place is a must visit for a combination of spicy kachori and sweet thick lassi.


Rated 4.0 by Jiya

It is a small place situated in the crowdy market. Parking is obviously a problem here. We tried daal kachori, pyaz kachori with dahi and gazar ka halwa.. All were good but gazar halwa was ultimate in taste. It is one of the best halwa I have ever eat. It is must try. Pyaz kachori with dahi is also a different concept and I liked it. I will surely try some other items on next visit

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Eshaan Thakur

This world famous hing kachoris are here . Sardarji the owner itself made lassi and  milk rose from almost the day one . The best thing about  the owner is that he made us smile everytime  by his sweet talks. He knows how to handle customers with simply a normal smile.  Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the after glow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded to  best. From so may decade , the taste of samosa and hing kachori are same . No compromise in taste ,Hats off to you Sardarji  for the best efforts you are doing from so  many years for us, This shop reminds of my childhood days when my mom had cme to nehru bazaar/bapu bazaar for diwali shopping and i ask her to bring sardarjii pink milk ( milk rose) Seriously you made my day whenever i cme to ur shop sir. This Punjabi man is  making everyone proud in terms of taste.Beyond imagination. Hing kachori and samosa's  are not deep fried but ready to eat. People always gathered  in crowd . You have to wait at least for 8-10 mins for your order but remember good things come to those who wait. If i were a Punjabi munda i will say " Mazaa aa gaya , kamaal kar dita tussi sardarji"  Ambiance: The interior is so good and they have seating space also but for 10-12 people.  Interior 4/5 Food quality 5/5 Food preparation 5/5 Service 5/5 Beverage quality 5/5 Service & Staff: Service was good. Value for money 5/5

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by TheFoodiCtionarY

This legendary shop at nehru bazar serves absolutely amazing shakes, lassi, and kachori. The best thing about the shop is the persistence of their quality and the taste. - Rose milkshake - the one and their most famous thing, we personally haven't tasted such a shake anywhere else, the cream on the top is actually a cherry on the cake. - lassi - absolutely fabulous. Sweet and sour, equally thick and creamy. - badam milkshake - comparatively less tasty than the other two. But then this too is thick and creamy. - kachori - you can either have it with the tamarind chutney or curd. It tastes best with chutney, according to us. - samosa - the only thing we didn't like, as the stuffing more tasted like 'aloo ki sabzi'. 😂