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Vaishali Nagar
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Sands Reviews and Ratings - Vaishali Nagar, Jaipur


Rated 5.0 by Pinkcity Foodbook

Sands was beautiful place and it have lovely ambience. They have planted palm trees on the outer area step in and you will be mesmerised with the decor of the cafe. 🤩 Sand, Pebbles and beach style decor promise to leave you amazed. 😍 There is an indoor sitting area, which is colouful and a fine dine style. And There is a rooftop area also woth colouful furniture pieces. They have beautiful lightings and quotes that gives positive feeling. 🌟 The staff is best and the service they provide was very fast. 🤩 We had - 🍷Drinks 🌸Mojito - Best 🌸Blue lagoon - Nice 🌸Cranberry mojito - Good 🌸Muddy pat - Tasty 🌸KitKat shake - Tasty 🌸Brownie shake -Amazing 🌸Watermelon shake - Something surprising 😍😍 🌸Mango smoothie - Nice 🥗Salad 🌸Exotic Grilled Vegetables - It was good 🍛Starters 🌸Makhamali paneer seek - Good 🌸Veg Quesadila - Tasty 🌸Veg corn cigarrolls - Nice 🌸Green Garden pizza - It was good 🌸Napoli (Pink Pasta ) - Bestest 💥Sizzler 💥Cottage cheese steak sizzler - It was good 🍜Chinese oriental 🌸Thai curry (Green & Red ) -Good 🌮Dosa (Cheif special ) 🌸Rawa Dosa - Bestessttttt 😍😍 🌸Plain dosa - Good with best presentation 🌟 🍲Mains 🌸Paneer Musalam - Damn tasty❤️ 🌸Subzi patiala - Amazing 🌸Dal Ghotala -Ahan m loving it! 😍 🌸Bread basket - Good 🌸Hyderabadi Biryani - okyish 🌸Raita - thik 🍪Dessert 🌸Sizzling Brownie - Tasty😍 🌟About Cafe 🌸 Ambience - 5/5 🌸Presentation -5/5 🌸Taste - 5/5 🌸Service - 5/5 Follow us @pinkcityfoodbook for more updates. Follow us on instagram also. 🤩 Jaipurvegfoodblogger


Rated 4.0 by Narendra Varma

Very spacious restaurant, ambience is good , Staff are cooperative and polite they once served us dinner at 11.00 pm.The food is delicious and tasty, Try their makhani biryani , paneer tikka really good and tasty



Restaurant is situated on prime location of Vaishali nagar, on weekends parking is still a problem. I went to this restaurant with my family and we ordered sizzler, honey chilli potato, chilli paneer, paneer pasanda, dal tadka and dal makahani. Food was average not too good in taste, I also felt that price is too high compared to the taste and quality of food. It’s not a must visit place but can be tried once.


Rated 5.0 by Sarvshrestha Singh

Awsm food.....specially the pizza And even the main course.......service was good..............................................................


Rated 5.0 by Anshul Mathur

Amazing food, superb ambience, smart staff. Loved the welcome too. Place worth a family visit Over and over. Timely service, cooperative staff members.