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Punjab Da Puttar

nb 3.9 / 5
Tonk Road, Incom Tax Colony
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Punjab Da Puttar Reviews and Ratings - Incom Tax Colony, Jaipur


Rated 4.0 by Mona Bedi

try to deliver it fast


Rated 5.0 by Bhawana Asudani

Just loved the food. We had a gala time. Cigar rolls were awesome. Service was nice and staff was friendly. Our kids enjoyed sitting on long legs chairs.


Rated 5.0 by Rishabh Jain

very good


Rated 4.0 by Ashita Bohra

Punjab da puttar ! The name is itself very inviting and catchy for any North Indian craving for good punjabi food. The place is easily approachable and the view from the rooftop is also good. We went to the place for lunch and had amazing noon with good food and hospitality. To start with we had #paneer tikka which was served with chutney , which was okay. i.e 4/5 Then for main course we had #mughlai kofta , #kadhaai paneer, #dal makhni #dal tadka and #boondi raita with #rice and #tandoori roti. All of them was tasty but what all of us loved the most was #mughlai kofta YES it is one of the dishes I have never had and trust me this is the must have if you visit this place as the gravy and the kofta both were very differently cooked.i.e 5/5 . Kadhaai paneer was also amazing as the gravy was quite different i.e 4.5/5. For rest I would say it was 4/5 Though it took a bit long for the food but in the end it was worth the wait Staff was nice and available. Also the place has nice view which adds to the beauty. So I would love to revisit and recommend as well for Good North indian food . Overall rating 4.5/5.


Rated 5.0 by Yum_Tummy | Divya Ajmani

PUNJAB DA PUTTAR, the name says it all. Perfect and tasty dishes.😍 A perfect place for family and friends. They have different sitting area for different kinds of occasions. Good amount of parking space on the street which is really very necessary these days! Ambience : 4.5/5 They have a beautiful ambience, especially the rooftop one. The view of the city is so mesmerising at night. The sitting area is healthy and clean. Dishes we had : • tandoori platter : 3/5 All types of tandoori kebabs served with chopped onion and chutney • cigar rolls : 4/5 Filled with corn and spinach spread. Served with mayonnaise and hot garlic sauce. *Their speciality* • lohri de kulche cholle : 5/5 The best kulche chole I've ever had! Served with different types of chutney, pickles and salad.😍 . Overall the food was amazing.❤️ Staff is also very friendly and polite.