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Moti Dongani
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Mohan Bagh - Hotel Narain Niwas Reviews and Ratings - Moti Dongani, Jaipur

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Ayush Sikaria

Such a lovely place to sit back and enjoy Rajasthani folk at evening. Good ambiance. Quite place to have dinner. Food 4/5. Service 4/5. Rajasthani style.


Rated 1.0 by Sagar Raha

I just came back from dinner at this place and I took all the trouble to register at Zomato only to review this restaurant and tell everyone what a horrible experience we had. It is my parent's anniversary today and I wanted to take them out for a special Indian meal. We were suggested this place by friends, so we wanted to check it out! The moment we entered through the main archway, we saw a line of cars haphazardly parked. There was no valet to guide us or help us with parking, luckily we saw one vacant lot and parked (that's where our luck ran out). The restaurant is situated in an open lawn with parts of it covered by some tent like shed. When we entered the premises, there was no usher to welcome us or lead us to our table. I asked a server if he could get us a table which he reluctantly agreed to (as if doing us a favor) despite most of the restaurant being vacant. We were attended by a man named Mahendra Singh, who got us a table in one cold corner of the lawn. We asked him if he could shift our table towards one of many bonfire buckets burning  throughout or perhaps get one nearer to our table, he flatly refused. He didn't ask if we would like water or anything to start our meal with and just left. All the servers at this establishment were buzzing around the Caucasian tourists and ignoring other Indian guests. After waiting for 15 minutes I asked him to get us the menu and half of the things on the menu were either not available or would take at least half an hour. We somehow ordered Paneer Tikka and Lime Soda. The order came in sharp two minutes but he forgot to place any plates, fork or spoon. On bringing this to his attention, he disappeared for ten minutes and got us plates and cutlery from another vacant table. By this time our starter had gone cold but we decided to let it be. Our main course took another 40 minutes to come despite ordering early and was cold, greasy and full of artificial color. By this time two Caucasian tourists walked in who were promptly welcomed and their table was shifted right next to the bonfire bucket. That was the last straw, we just asked for the bill without ordering for any desserts. During this entire period our sever Mahendra never checked on us or asked if we needed something else. We had to call him even if I needed tissue paper (It wasn't on the table). We wanted to have a nice evening eating dinner under the stars and this place and its people were such a let down. A total waste of time and energy. I'm never ever going to this place again and would recommend anyone with any semblance of intelligence to stay away from this place. If I had an option I would have rated it negative.


Rated 3.0 by EatLoveeRepeat

I don't really know why is this place rated so low on Zomato. One evening, I along with my parents decided to visit this place for Dinner. Its calmness and the rajasthani music was a perfect treat. It is an open air/lawn restaurant. We ordered Kadai Paneer, Dal fry, Missi Roti, Butter Naan and Stuffed kulcha. Our order took some time to come, till then we were enjoying the folk music being sang by the singers. The Kadai Paneer was very different from the one served at most of the places. Unlike other places, it had red and yellow capsicum and the gravy was good too. The Dal Fry was nicely cooked. Coming to their breads, I was a little disappointed by the Butter Naan as it was very thick. The other breads were good enough! Overall, It was a decent experience and a not so expensive one too. It is a good place if someone wants to enjoy and long dinner with family at not so niosy place. However, they should maintain it a bit more.


Rated 2.0 by Rati Nath

Looked like a palace from outside so thought of stepping in and try some rajasthani dishes but got really disappointed with the service and food quality...The small Dhaba would serve better quality thn this...Highly disappointed !!


Rated 1.0 by Ritika Mahajan

Went thr many times with friends n family.but today we had the worst experience the staff thr was so rude arrogant illmannered .think they hv not givn enough traing on how to treat thr guests.