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Hotel Dhruv Restaurant & Bar

Ballu Colony
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Hotel Dhruv Restaurant & Bar Reviews and Ratings - Ballu Colony, Jaipur


Rated 1.0 by Shrauteya Dixit

Another bad bar in the town. Compared to chandigarh Jaipur stands nowhere. Even a small bar in chandigarh feels good to goto. Well this place is filthy with "bad" bollywood movies playing on the TV. "Some akshay kumar movie" One guy looking after all the tables. Ordered peanut masala and 3 bottles of beer. Don't expect they'll have anything more than a kingfisher or tuborg. Peanut masala was bad in taste. Ordered french fries too which were served burnt. The crowd is pathetic with fat ass uncle's and wannabees sitting in the bar. A friend of mine took me to this place, well i wondered why i called him my friend after a pathetic experience.