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Heritage Buffet Reviews and Ratings - Amer Road, Jaipur


Rated 3.0 by Ragini Razdan

food: i guess it was one of the famous restaurants of jaipur. all the dishes looked the same and tasted likewise but were delicious. we had their famous ker sangari dish which was absolutely yum yum but a bit too spicy so order based on your palate. all the dishes were spicy but had a good taste. ambience: fair and family style restaurant. service: pretty slow.


Rated 1.0 by Kapilnayyar3972

Worst food experience ever.All dishes were literally dripping with oil..lot of food colour added to make everything look red.The excuse was that the regular cook is on leave when we complained about excessive oil and salt.Dont ever go there ..EVER


Rated 1.0 by Rohan Khedkar

Warning - Don't go to this hotel as this people served rotten subji and dal and denied to accept it even everyone in hotel pointing this to manager. Staff is very arrogant. We ordered thali and what they served was rotten dal with subji and took complete payment from us and manager was threatening us as we are from another state. We are filing the complainant against this hotel to Rajasthan government and food authorities of India.


Rated 1.0 by Nithin Joseph

came here with family, our driver recommend this shop. Place an order for Rajasthani heritage thali meals which look like a big thali and wholes make on it... I heard that it is delicious but its not that much tasty as we heard about it, also this shop not accept debit card because they do not have such swapping machine after the big demonetization! never suggest to anyone who comes from outside of jaipur, this is a very bad hotel in Jaipur


Rated 1.0 by Angela Thomas

Probably the worst food I've had in the city. The thali is a joke in the name of Rajasthani cuisine. A waste of time and money. Do yourself a favour and go anywhere else, anywhere but here.