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Tilak Nagar
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Habitz Reviews and Ratings - Tilak Nagar, Jaipur


Rated 4.0 by Tanvi Khurana

Their ice creams are just so amazing.. lovable infact. You can't resist them with just one spoon. They have great flavours available, and multiple outlets so you can obviously head on to your nearest and have a scoop or two may be 🙄😋 I have tried their coffee chocolate, caramel, cookie. All of them haven't even disappointed me a bit. You can not only go to a store and have your favourite I've cream with brownie and syrup. But get the delight delivered at your doorstep from the nearest habitz . Growing and spreading like crazy, not only in the city but even in your heart.


Rated 3.0 by Varsha Meena

Nice bunch of natural ice cream flavours at very low prices compared to other brands. The seasonal ice creams are good. Worth trying. Increase the no. of outlets


Rated 4.0 by When Harry Is Hungry

Being on the main streets of rajapark, there have always been parking issues, but! But, we rajaparkies are used to it! Habitz, if we go out with the name, the different flavours, and the varieties of icecreams, shakes, cones, sundaes can make you visit them from Sunday to saturday! Have been to Habitz Icecreams alot of times, and the range of Chocolate Icecreams is commendable (as I am crazy after chocolate icecreams) ,and also different organic flavours to sooth every time of cravings. They also have sugarfree icecreams, and it helps our grandparents to enjoy them too.. Belgian Chocolate, Chocochips, chocolate brownie, and dark chocolate are my favorite. You can also try flavours like anjeer, kesar pista, nutty and fruits, and also hatke things like Mirchi, Paan, and what not! BEST PART: THEY CAN GIVE YOU THREE OR FOUR FLAVOURS IN A SINGLE SCOOP, AND THAT'S AMAZING. Just ask them to add your favorite flavours and they's do it! Though Icecreams are amazing there, I yesterday went for coldcoffee, which was bitter, but could have been really better in terms of taste, and presentation. Service is okay if you're there for icecreams, but you may get a long wait if you are ordering a shake or a cold coffee.. For everything, and overall experience, I'll rate them 4 out of five.


Rated 4.0 by Flavour Craver Platter

Habitz the name describes it all😉 Try their exclusive shakes and icecreams and i bet their flavours will become your habit😘 We tried kitkat and oreo shake,they were luscious❤ Although they don't have enough sitting area but good for takeaways😁 Must visit😆 Shardul Gupta


Rated 4.0 by Keshav Bhatia

A nice place! Went here on Sunday evening! Had An Oreo Shake! It was Damn good! Ssly it was perfect! Oreo Shake-5/5. Location- 3.5/5.(Parking issues) Service-3/5 Took a long time to deliver a shake in spite of being only one there! Will I Visit again? YES!!