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C-Scheme, C Scheme
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FOOBAE & WAFFUP! Reviews and Ratings - C Scheme, Jaipur


Rated 5.0 by Shobhika Periwal

I am a big fan of fries and finally there is a place in jaipur which serves amazing varieties of fries. Just loved the food they serve. Must go if you are a foody person.


Rated 4.0 by Flavour Craver Platter

Noticed this place while roaming around with one of my friend. The place looked small but i liked the bright colours of this place. As I am a big foodie and get curious to try new places so i decided to try them as well! Went inside and ordered few of these specialities which included: ▶️Drinks: Red Velvet Ice Cream Float (5/5) Nutella Freak Shake ▶️Fries 🍟 Mastani Paneer fries (fully loaded) (5/5) Orgasmic fries (cheesy) ▶️ Nachos : Pataka Nachos ▶️ Waffles : Nutella Oreo Pocket Waffle (5/5) Red Velvet Cream(5/5) Cheese Waffle ▶️Burgers : Mr. Red Hottie And now I am a big fan of this place, I like what they serve few of them became my favourites too. Be it savoury or sweet,they serve balanced and perfect flavours. I am definitely gonna visit them again specially to try their waffles♥️


Rated 4.0 by Pushpender Singh Shekhawat

Foobae - A small cosy place open I'm C-scheme ,a quick bite outlet . Serves 42 diffrent types of fries 😛 waffles ,drinks and pancakes . Let me tell you what I tried here Fries Orgasmic (Recommended) Hot italian Nachos Pataka Nachos Burger Fir in hole Shake Nutella Freak shake Service is good and will definitely gonna Visit again as they have vast variety of fries in there menue card 😍 Click And Eat


Rated 4.0 by Vinita Mishra

Visited this place yesterday. Located in C-Scheme,near deer park,this place is a must for people who crave for lip smacking snacks. There are some Innovative dishes like Savoury waffles that I'll definitely try in my next visit Every dish in the menu sounds interesting. We ordered Mr. Red hottie Nachos,Russian Mafia fries,Milano shake and Chocolate shake. Nachos were perfectly tossed with sauces and vegetables & tasted great,As the name suggests,it was very spicy and tangy. I would rate it 4/5 Fries which is their speciality were a little disappointment as the taste was somewhat similar to Nachos that we had tried. I think it had the sames spices and sauces. They should not have suggested this with Mr. Red Hotty Nachos. I believe I should have ordered other variety of fries Rate - 3/5 Milano shake & Chocolate shake- Must try,was absolutely perfect in taste. Rate - 5/5 Ambience - Its a small place with less seating area,can accommodate between 15-20 customers. Interiors are simple and light Rate - 3/5 Do visit this cafe,I'm sure the food won't disappoint you !! :)

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Flavours_of_jaipur

Food bee A very beautiful place located at very prime location. 😍 It was really an amazing experience. 😍 The place is designed with very beautiful ambience as it has colourful walls and amazing interior. 😍 Now here i come to food then it was good they have many new dishes which very innovative. So here is the menu: ▶️Fries 🍟 Mastani Paneer fries (fully loaded) Orgasmic fries (cheesy) Russian Nachos (Tangy and Spicy) ▶️Burgers : Mr. Red Hottie Fire in the hole ▶️ Nachos : Pataka Nachos ▶️ Waffles : Nutella Oreo Pocket Waffle Birthday Candy Waffle Red Velvet Cream Cheese Waffle Horny Waffle (Savoury Waffle) ▶️ Pancake 🥞 and Crepe : Holy Trinity Pancake French kiss crepe