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Downtown Bar & Lounge - The Hamston Park

nb 4.0 / 5
Madho Singh Road, Bani Park
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Downtown Bar & Lounge - The Hamston Park Reviews and Ratings - Bani Park, Jaipur


Rated 2.0 by Dine_with_am

How things go bizarre...this place is a perfect example of this. Confused waiters, no proper billing system... Super slow service... Don't want to talk more about this place.. just avoid!!!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Bhukkad Baniya | BarKha Gupta

It's located in the basement of Hotel Hamston Park. - I have never seen a congested bar like this where too much furniture is placed in a small area. - Live music was there with the singer was unknown about the proper lyrics. -Bar was empty on Sunday though there was an event going on for very cheap drinks. - The cocktails that they were serving had very less quantity of alcohol or almost no alcohol. -The waiter who was serving was drunk I guess, as he was serving others order to our table. - They didn't give a printed bill and added extra drink that we didn't even order. Overall, Value for money:1/5 Ambience:1/5 Service:1/5 Overall, this place is a mess and don't wanna visit again!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Radhika Agarwal | TheFoodieDevi

- Location & Ambiance : 2/5 Located in the basement of Hamston Park in Bani Park, this place is a mess. It is too small and many tables have been adjusted in a small area. There was a weird smell and mosquitoes were biting us continuously. There was a live performance and the singer didn't know the lyrics to any of the songs properly. a bunch of school girls going gaga over the singer for no reason at all. - Cocktails : 1/5 We went to this place when an event was going on , where they were selling cocktails for 68₹ and shots for 45₹ each. Being a sunday evening, we were expecting the place to be jam packed, but that wasn't the case. Anyway, we ordered 3-4 different cocktails and all seemed to have very less quantity of alcohol and tasted like any other mocktail. And they didn't have any decent brands of beer in stock. - Staff & Service : 1/5 This was the worst part about the evening. Our server should get an award for being the most forgetful person ever. Atleast thrice, he was going to serve us someone else's order (and that time there was only one more table occupied , other than ours) When he got 4 of our cocktails, after serving 3 of them, he forgot the name of the 4th one , which is acceptable but then he actually snatched the menu from my friend's hand and started to look for the cocktail's name. Later, I asked him if they had Bacardi Lemonade in stock. He said, yes. I confirmed again saying that it's a premix bottled drink. He said, they do have it. After good 15 minutes, I asked him where my drink was, since he just had to open it and get it . He told me it will be on my table within 5 minutes. And it was. But it was not what I ordered. He got a glass of lemonade with neat rum in another glass. At that point, I literally wanted to just run away from that place. I told him, "yeh nahi mangaya tha" and he very conveniently said, "haan ma'am pata hai, par woh stock mein nahi hai" I asked him to take it back, so he did without any apology. - Value for money : 1/5 When we asked for the bill, firstly, they did not give a proper bill saying their printer ain't working. Secondly, they added one drink extra in the bill, which they removed later. - Will I visit again? Never.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sonal Sajwan

Used to be a regular client of this bar when it was with Golden Manor, but must say it has been transformed bigtym!! The clientele, the ambience has changed completely!! Would love to visit again!! Service is average as its again my signature "maharaja service", which can be improved, though the guys serving are very decent, but if the outlet plans to pick and compete with fellow pubs, the service and food needs to be improved!!If people are smart feedback will be smart!! Appreciation area is the band which played during the boozing experience, though it came late!! Anyhow would recommend and yes the band is a +.5 pointer!!


Rated 5.0 by Sahil Bhargava

Nice music specially the Band on Saturday's. Food tase is at par. Ambience is nice and all sort of cocktails and mocktails are there good for groups and couple. They have happy hours on daily basis which is interesting. Good place to boose near Banipark.