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Shack - The Restro Cafe

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Indra Colony
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Shack - The Restro Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Indra Colony, Jaipur


Rated 4.0 by AllAbout_JAIPUR|Harsh & Kartik

The Shack is a restro by the very famous group of hotel 'The White Mushroom' .... The menu is the showstopper here🔥...... Variety and variations of the regular food items are brilliant......They're doing something different than others in food and service ..... There are some unique dishes to order, and they taste great!😘...... Everything i tried here have perfect blend of spices and exotic taste, and soft music in environment make my evening awesome and memorable 💗...... It has two seating area one is their restro section and second is their rooftop area which is a lovely place with beautiful view and pleasant music🎶 ... Service is as it should be. Their staff responds promptly, and knows their stuff. No complaints so far!😊 °°° °° ° Things we tried: #Drinks Ice cream shake(I liked it most💞) Red chip lagoon Green delight #Starters Corn fritters Mini burgers veg and non veg Cheese Nachos Chilly honey patatoe(Pura mai hi kha gya tha😂) Chicken sayay Pizza (V &NV)(Really good👌) Pasta in pink sauce veg Aglio olio #Dessert Brownie with ice cream Date pan cake with ice cream(This thing👌. No words😍)


Rated 4.0 by Gaurav |JAIPURDAZAIKA|

Taking care of hunger pangs till as late as 11:00PM, Shack - The Resto Cafe is a casual dining restaurant serving a variety of delicious preparations. A great place in Bani Park, praised for its stylish presentation and a nice joint to visit when one is looking to satiate hunger pangs with tasty, hygienic food at reasonable prices. The ambience was absolutely amazing. The swing type seats on the rooftop and the outdoor area gives an incredible view of the area which is good for the pictures too. The rooftop has adequate seating arrangement and it feels comfortable with silent surroundings. Now for the food I ordered some of the specialities of this place. Menu for shack😘 •Ice cream shake- 5/5 The butterscotch flavoured shake was the most delicious shakes that I ever tasted. •Red chip lagoon-4/5 The beetroot based lagoon was as it's best. •Green delight-4/5 The green delight was a fizzy mocktail. Starters •Corn fritters-4/5 It was a type of new concept served with papad. •Mini burgers veg and non veg-5/5 The most amazing and tasty burgers having crispy patty in it. •Cheese Nachos-4.5/5 Perfectly presented nachos with cheese and a dip of kidney beans on it. •Honey chilly potato-3.5/5 The taste was good but could have been more crispy. •Chicken sayay-3/5 Served with peanut chutney but the combination somehow did not match. •Pizza (V &NV)-3.5/5 The pizza had a Crispy base and was less cheesy. •Pasta in pink sauce veg-5/5 The pink sauce pasta was just amazing. •Aglio olio-3.5/5 The Italian spaghetti noodles could have been better, were fine. Desserts:- •Brownie with ice cream-4/5 The brownie was not soft it was somehow crispy hard but tasty. •Date pan cake with ice cream-4/5 It was an entirely new concept that I ever had. But in the end I would only say that this place is a hidden gem. Mitraa Da Theka


Rated 5.0 by Veebeehunger_

Shack - The cafe with Magnificent Indoor Ambience as well as Majestic Rooftop Area, along with some luscious and appetizing Food Stuff. Ambience wise both the areas are very impressive. The indoor dine area is fully comfort and have beautiful decore with Splendid Artistic Wall Art and catchy lightning in Wooden Walls. Rooftop area is adorable too. And the thing i liked the most, was the unique Hanging/Swinging Dining Table at Rooftop. Ambience - 5/5 Owner of Cafe is very Kind and Generous Person. Other Staff is cooperative and humble too. Service is Quick, just need to be bit more expertise. Staff - 5/5 Talking about Food and Drinks ➖ * Ice Cream Shake -- That Butterscotch flavoured Shake was fully refreshing. 5/5 * Red Chip Lagoon -- It was the Tasteful Beetroot drink. 4.5/5 * Green Delight -- Refreshing Fizzy drink. 4.5/5 * Corn Fritters -- Those Crispy Corns served in the combination with Papad was amazing. 5/5 * Burgers Veg and Non Veg -- They were the treat of Yummy patty and cheese slice. 5/5 * Cheese Nachos -- Nachos served with the unique cheese spread consist of Rajma (Kidney Beans) was something very uncommon and absolutely Delish. 5/5 * Chilly Honey Potatoes -- Those were Fine too, just their was the variation in crispness. 4.5/5 * Chicken Sayay -- That non veg treat Served with Peanut Butter was yumm too. 4.8/5 * Pizza Veg and Non-veg -- Perfectly crisped, they just can work bit on toppings. Otherwise it was delicious too. 4.5/5 * Pasta -- Pasta was the Darling, absolutely tempting and mouth watering. 5/5 * Aglio Olio -- This Itallian dish is something you don't find very commonly in Jaipur, One can have this amazing Itallian Spaghetti stuff here at Shack. 4.7/5 * Date with Pan Cake -- That dessert kind of dish was absolute Divine. Chocolate Pancakes served with Vanilla Ice Cream. 5/5 Overall Shack is must Visit Place. One can have Quality time with family and Friends in between the Delish food Stuff. Mitraa Da Theka Jaipurvegfoodblogger AllAbout_JAIPUR|Harsh & Kartik Gaurav |JAIPURDAZAIKA| Mayank Arora || Food_Saada_Desi

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Mayank Arora || Food_Saada_Desi

So a few days back we have visited this awesome place which is situated in Bani Park Jaipur n which is a part of group of hotels "White Mushroom" n Hotel V inn.. So they are absolutely good at servings and their food. . ▶Where? I-7, C-2, Sindhi Colony, Bani Park, Jaipur . ▶Parking: Parking is not an issue there bcz they have enough space just in front of the hotel and alongwith the road so u can park their wheecles by the side of the road or in front of the hotel. . ▶Ambiance: Their ambiance is great n they have both inside finedine along with rooftop also. N their rooftop is really amazing with a great beautiful view around it. . ▶Staff and Service: Their staff is really polite and cooperative and their serving is also really good and fast🔥 . ▶Food: Now come to the main part of any restro or cafe and that is their food. So i wanna tell uh that their food quality and taste is really amazing nd their servings are also interesting😍 So let's have a look on what we had there👇👇👇 . ⏩Drinks Ice cream shake: 5/5 Red chip lagoon: 4/5 Green delight: 4.5/5 ⏩Starters:- Corn fritters: 5/5 Mini burgers veg: 4.5/5 Cheese Nachos: 4.5/5 Chilly honey patato: 4.5/5 Pizza Veg: 3.5/5 Pasta in pink sauce veg: 5/5 Aglio olio: 4.5/5 . ⏩Desserts:- Brownie with ice cream: 4.5/5 Date pan cake with ice cream: 5/5 . ▶Must Try at Shack: 1) Corn fritters 2) Pasta 3) Date Pan Cake with ice cream Mitraa Da Theka Veebeehunger_ Pinkcity Foodbook AllAbout_JAIPUR|Harsh & Kartik Jaipurvegfoodblogger Flavour Craver Platter


Rated 4.0 by Dr. Hetal Sachanandani

Located in Sindhi park, Bani park is this restaurant and cafe. It has an inner dining place, rooftop. They have a pool table and swimming pool too!! It's a perfect place to chill with your gang! 🌸 Hospitality and staff : Decent only 🌸 Ambiance : good vibes! 🌸 What did I sip? - Ice cream shake for those who don't want soda based drink. - Red chip lagoon was my favourite - Green delight is absolutely refreshing! 🌸 What did I munch? - Corn fritters is my must have from here! - Mini burgers veg and non veg are pretty appetizing! - Cheese Nachos for the cheese lovers! I could have some more cheese for sure! Chilly honey patatoes - this one could have been better! Chicken Satay - this is my must have for non vegetarians! 🌸 Sweeeeeeeet time! Brownie with ice cream is the evergreen combo! pan cake with ice cream is one combo that I'm growing fond of. 🌸 Will I visit again? Yes!