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Sita Pura
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Chakh Le Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Sita Pura, Jaipur


Rated 2.5 by Garg Akash

The chicken taste amazing here,specially butter chicken(only the chicken,never order fish or meat here)...the price are very low and they serve chicken in proper time(you don't have to wait)...but thing i hate is the unhygenic environment...the plates are not properly clean,water given for drinking is sooo unpure that you can see dust on top of the i would say that only go here if you have no issue with hygene or you have less money....


Rated 1.0 by Apoorv Shrivastav

Never ever I repeat never ever in your entire life dare to come to this restaurant. Probably the worst chicken served in the entire country is in this restaurant. Even not confirmed that what seems to be chicken is also chicken or pig. Don't chakh le