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Chaaypani Reviews and Ratings - Hasanpura, Jaipur


Rated 1.0 by Zeemlo

I think mostly all there stuff is packed food. Still They take lot of time to prepare it. Very few options are available. Though they have maintained good hygiene.


Rated 5.0 by Anshul.saxena6969

Scrumptious Food @ ChaayPani. Everything is going to tickle your taste buds a notch up than other cafés because of the balance! Yes, the ingredients are amazingly balanced where nothing overpowers any spice or taste which gives you an amazing eating experience where you can completely indulge with your delicacies. Perfectly cooked food with impeccable hygeine and packing standards. Do try ChaayPani for a delicious treat, you won't be disappointed at all. The pricing is perfect and delivery time is also one point which will definitely keep getting you back. Great work ChaayPani... Keep Up The Good Work. :) #ChaayPani Falafel (5*) Absolute Texture with Precise Filling. The balance of spice and sauce is perfect. Quantity is good! ------------------------- #ChaayPani Cottage Cheese Salad (5*) Cottage Cheese in perfect amount, not too much to over power the property of a salad! And to my taste, loads of Sweet Corns were there so +1 for that. The veggies are crispy fresh. Not too fancy not too basic, filling too. Perfect balance... A must have if you are looking for super healthy stuff. ------------------------- #ChaayPani Lemon Drink Ginger (5*) Waao! I never expected a Lemon Drink to be so precise with the balance of Salt, Sugar and Ginger Flavour... You nailed it perfectly!! ------------------------- #ChaayPani Cheeku IceCream (SUPER*) My friends' recommendations didn't go to waste infact got to taste the best Cheeku Ice-cream in town. Yes BEST... hands down, it beats Naturals & MollyMoo with hige margins. Such an amazing IceCream, its almost like the pulp melting in ur mouth. If you are a Cheeku Fan you can't miss it what so ever! Thanks!! ;) :) In all, its an awesome place to watch out for in the near future for some great food. Shows with their packing as well. The customisation only shows how far they are already going with their heart and soul to bring in the best food for us all. SUPER HAPPY! :)


Rated 5.0 by Ankita Jain

As the name says, Chaaypani, we went there to have some tea during the break time we had. This cafe is open since a year and a half but is not that famous maybe because of the locality. For Jaipurites, its just above the passport office, so the people who have a lot of time waiting in the passport office can visit the cafe during break. We ordered two Masala Tea and one Grilled Sandwich. Food: It was good, specially the way it was packed. Pretty nice. Ambience: Its a closed small space not much of an ambience to rate, just a couple of tables to accommodate 25 people at once. Service: A little slow, cause when we went there it was just two of us. Overall I will rate it 4/5 cause the purpose it has of being there is being solved.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Anurag Gupta

After a hectic routine day, me and my wife planned to go out and explore some tasty snacks. We reached Sodala and started searching for some good café options that can make our day and relax us. In that quest, we explored internet, Zomato and some other food apps to get a better place to satisfy our hunger. We get to know that there is a café at Orbit mall’s rooftop area, which is renowned as “Chaaypani”. We went there and found it suitable for a quick bite of hunger. What’s it all about? A little space with around 15-16 people’s sitting space, a small cooking area and an attached playing ground named “Skyfut”. The place has a pleasant fragrance that adores us and made us to order instantly as we were quite hungry and wanted some quick bites to eat out. We looked at their menu, which was nice having attractive color combination and a good range of items. Without making any delay, we ordered: A pack of burgerette, a pack of cheesy rolls, a pack of chilly balls, 2 lemon iced tea and 1 chikoo ice cream. -          Burgerette: The name sound interesting to us. Three mini burgers were there, packed in a differently styled piece of box. The tikki inside was crispy and tasty with vegetables and mayo. -          Cheesy rolls: We get around 7-8 pieces of cheesy rolls. Cheese lovers must try it…recommended. -          Chilly balls: Could be better. -          Ice Tea: Nice in taste and sufficient quantity to enjoy. It came in a jar shaped plastic can, which one can open easily and enjoy sip-by-sip. -          Chikoo Ice Cream: One of the best items we have ordered. Original Chikoo taste with quality air free packing…recommended. I am definitely going to order Burgerette and Chikoo ice cream from their website so that I can have it at my home or workplace :)


Rated 4.0 by Bhukkad Baniya | Shubham Agarwal

A place where one could gain as well as burn some calories off, this little cafe surrounded by a huge cricket/football rooftop is one of the distinct places of Jaipur that is a must visit. In terms of food, ice creams here are a must try as there is no air content in them and are homemade and based on pure dairy. The shakes are also something out of the ordinary as they again were made with wholesome milk and ours being the Badam Milk, had real finely grounded badam. We also tried the dried manchurian and veg Noodles. While the manchurian was amazing with soft as cloud balls flavoured with hugely aromatic garlic, the Noodles were a little bit overcooked which is something they can easily mended. Definitely going to visit again!