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Cafe F.I.R Reviews and Ratings - Prathviraj Nagar, Jaipur


Rated 3.0 by Shubhangi Verma||The Food Euphoria

A small cafe which can crave your after gym hunger pangs. They serve quality food and never will disappoint your taste buds as well. The pricing too are pocket friendly and the hygiene of this place is something which needs to be appreciated. Must haves - Nutrition fiber salad Hulk smoothie Tropical mint A takeaway would be a better option for this place.


Rated 4.0 by Beena Sarkar

First i will review what I tasted Hulk Smoothie 5/5, Tandoori Fruit 5/5, Garlic Bread 4/5, Corn Cheese Sandwich 4/5. Freshness 5/5, Delivery time 3.5/5, ambiance 4/5. The food was really good, concern is delivery time. I was told that the food is prepared fresh hence takes a little more time than usual...(Check: Yes, Food was prepared fresh) Ambiance is fine nothing bad if you ask me what was wrong, I would say there is nothing wrong ...but ya since the concept and food is so nice my expectation are little high so I would say it needs some work. Professionalism was good, team is nice.  Now Concept... It is really good one, I would say it takes a lot of courage to go beyond the usual and these guys seems to be brave. THIS IS A N ABSOLUTE NEW CONCEPT IN JAIPUR atleast I have not seen something like this. Ya they have recently came up with some popular food option which is nice. Overall it is great concept, food, team are thumbs up. Great Job Guys!!! High Reco for all!!!

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Raksha Singh

Got to thank these guys for something which you can eat outside your home which is clean, healthy, fresh and most important it does not add to your weight, and and and not to forget the amazing taste. I first time realized that the juices which we consumed till date were absolute rubbish, the real is here............ and whats more how can a salad be so so tasty. ambiance is ok...BUT FOOD QUALITY, TASTE IS WONDERFUL

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Pooja Sahu

wow! this is some place. I went with my friend its a cozy lil place where you can spend quiet time and on top of it awesome food. Even if you over eat a bit you will not be worried of gaining extra inch. Superb Concept...we needed it.


Rated 5.0 by Lokesh Sharma

Awesome place to eat heartfull & not to worry about gaining inches... And top of all, taste is to die for. Well trained & courteous team using latest tech to bring food on your table. Highly recommended.