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Wild West Restaurant & Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Auto Nagar, Hyderabad


Rated 1.0 by Kiran

worst taste


Rated 1.0 by Tim Danieldasari

They will cancel orders after payment.It happened multiple times for me.Please be aware of it.I request ZOMATO take necessary step to work it properly.


Rated 2.0 by Mani Teja

They dont know the difference between over easy and a omelette And the item doesn’t match the pics they show Image was of aver easy but item was a normal omelette


Rated 3.0 by Mithilesh Josyabhatla

Ambience was ok! Service was not so bad! We had some starters and pasta was tasting well with well dipped sauce. Mainly services takes a lot of time if not you can have a visit food is delicious


Rated 1.0 by Rakesh Kumar Reddy Rakee

I have visited this restaurant yesterday I just loved the ambience if u would like to go to this restaurant then u can go but don't order any food just sit enjoy and go back home it's a place only to sit and enjoy the ambience and interior the reason is the cost of food is high when compared with the quantity of food the quantity is too too less v paid 160rs for Mexican potato and got just 9slices which is actually 2potatoes ordered biryani xl costing 320rs and could eat only 1heavy person, and the gravy served is no taste at all, even the rice is no where spicy ordered veg fried rice, it's good but the quantity is something like a 10year old kid can have his tummy full and no one else they just decorate it on ur plate nicely but for me I'm not just concerned about how the restaurant looks and it's ambience... I also look at the cost, quantity and taste. so improve these first and expect a good rating guys.. TIA