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Viceroy Family Dhaba Reviews and Ratings - Tumkunta, Hyderabad


Rated 3.0 by Amit

A revamped family dhaba which has improvised in various aspects. Still remember its old ambience and pathetic service offerings. Thankfully things have changed post the renovation. Being near to BITS campus, it now attracts most of the students and thanks to their pocket friendly prices and sumptous quantity. The place has decent parking space, well spread seating facility which includes hut seating, lawn seating, outdoor seating and an okaish inner seating space. We had Anda burji, Kadai Chicken, Butter Naans, Butter rotis, Jeera rice and Egg fried rice. The food was good with enough quantity of serving and pocket friendly pricing. A stop and go hunger savior which is easy on pockets


Rated 1.0 by Yonah Jonas

This was one of the worst experiences I ever had. You call it a dhaba? People come expecting good food and service but it turned out to be complete opposite. Food was worse and double worse was the service. People here do not even know how to talk to customers. Please have some basic etiquette! And moreover that they command you to "Buzz off" from that place. In case if you have customers waiting let us know in a respectful manner man we would understand and leave. Please don't be like "place khali karo". We told him that we were waiting for a friend of ours and once he is here we would leave but what can one expect from people as such? They were like you can go outside and wait. Wuhuhu bro! whats up with your attitude? -_- and ukw you cannot even play " uno cards" here. #playingofunoisbannedinhere Peace bro! Continue having the same attitude and you would soon run out of business. Never going to pay a visit to this place ever again.


Rated 1.0 by Mehak Ahuja

The worst dining experience I ever had. I usually do not post reviews but this time I was forced to do so. The quality of food is very poor and felt like it was stale as well. And to top that up the service was even worse. The staff needs to have a basic behavioural etiquette briefing. You're served with things you don't ask for and then you're expected to pay that up and Also you're asked to leave the place immediately.How cool can that be? I am never even going back to this place. Such places should be shut. They are just not fit to be called as a restaurant/dabha. I can't thank them enough for messing my day up.


Rated 1.0 by Vâîbhâv Ahûjâ

Worst place, worst food and a very bad experience. Ill-mannered staff who dont even respect you, untidy place and not even good food.Will never suggest it to anyone.


Rated 1.0 by Krithika Yagneshwaran

Bad service. Bad food. Horrible experience. I would probably pay nothing but since that was not an option, a dissatisfied customer paid. They are rude to the hilt. Time taken to come to the table at take order was minimum 15 minutes. My friends and I were starving and we only had access to this place since everything else was closed on a public holiday. Ambience was probably the only bearable thing. The staff was curt and they literally expect you to leave the premise once you finish your food. THEY DON'T APPRECIATE SOCIAL GATHERINGS. To summarise in a nutshell I had the worst service ever.