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The Egg Stop

Bairamal Guda
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The Egg Stop Reviews and Ratings - Bairamal Guda, Hyderabad


Rated 3.0 by G. Sushmitha Reddy

The eye catchy thing on their menu is Egg shakes. I was apprehensive but still gave it a try. Ordered a choclate egg shake. It tasted like any other choclate shake as they don't add the yellow part of the egg to their shakes. It was good.


Rated 3.0 by Tamal

They serve quite a large varieties of omelettes and a few varieties of burgers too. I order the lamb burger based on the suggestions of the folks at the counter. The burger came stuffed with a lamb patty, omelette, onion, lettuce and mayo. The omelette was freshly fried but other than that the bun was tasteless, patty tasted stale, onion and lettuce cut a long time ago. All in all it was a pretty bad experience.


Rated 4.0 by Srinivas Prasad

With all due respect to the locality, never expected a drive in kind of place to come up and thrive in this area. Drove past this place at 2 in the night a few times and was surprised to see people playing and hanging out at that time of the night in that area. When we finally drove in to this area, was surprised at the things it had to offer. There was loud music with a projector playing those songs on a giant screen. There were people playing volleyball in a sand volleyball court with enough protection to prevent the ball from getting out of there. There were almost 10 outlets serving multiple cuisines. And it had multiple seating arrangements ranging from tables on the side to terrace seating under the roof. We decided to try out "Egg Stop" purely because of our love for eggs in any format and the choice of omelettes they had on offer. We ordered for the Indian Masala, Spanish, Mexican and Salami omelettes. They even had egg shake but we could not bring ourselves up to try that. The Indian Masala Omelette was your regular omelette with generous dose of green chilli, onions and stuff. It was good. The Spanish one had potato slices in it and tasted okay. Eatable for sure. The Chicken Salami was the heaviest of the lot as it had both sliced chicken and loads of cheese in it. It tasted very nice. But the star of the show was the Mexican omelette. They put some sort of 'curry' in it and it tasted out of this world. Each of these omelettes were served with two slices of wheat bread on toast. The price was very affordable as well. The Hangout is definitely a place I would go back to, to try other outlets they have, and Egg Stop is not a bad one to start your trials with.


Rated 5.0 by Pranay Reddy

Good place to hang out with friends tasty food with inexpensive prices.Try Lamb sandwich for sure don't miss it. Quick service from the crew members with a great experience in drive in.


Rated 3.0 by Pavan Kallepuram

Best place to hangout with friends and ambiance is really splendid. This place (The Egg Stop) is good at Mexican specials but I wouldn't recommend you the burgers.