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Tea Trails Reviews and Ratings - Banjara Hills, Hyderabad


Rated 2.5 by Sakshi Agarwal

Being a tea lover myself.. Tea trails caught my attention. Went there for some work related meet. The ambience is quite welcoming. Very spacious and comfortable. Coming to the food.. Ordered a ginger tea, garlic bread and bread pakoda.. The ginger tea was bad. It was watery and I couldn't even taste ginger in it. The garlic bread was cheesy but bland and the bread pakoda was way too oil. It lacked spices too. The service was poor too. The staff was not cordial and they took quite some time to get the order.


Rated 2.0 by Vinay Singhania

Been here once and i don't think i will again be there. Most of the items on menu were unavailable. Liked the garlic bread and Bombay sandwich but the fried rice was pathetic, had to ask for water twice else water is something which is served without asking as soon as we take a seat. They did a mistake in billing, they didn't add an item which was served so i saved them their money.


Rated 3.0 by Srividya Viswanathan

Good ambience, nice peaceful place to sit, talk and catch up over tea, interesting variety of tea including several flavoured tea (take for instance, orange spiced tea), quick service. Went with a colleague for some adrak chai (priced Rs 80) and bun maska (Rs 75). Bun maska was good. Had sugar on it which I find strange. Adrak chai was okayish. Might try a different chai if I go again. Will I go looking for it? I doubt.


Rated 4.0 by Ankita Patnaik

In my first visit to tea trails...i had keema pau..and tea rubbed chicken salad... And cold coffee...*because there was no ice tea* the food was good..filling and we had a great time sitting and chatting... The staff members are friendly...

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Priya Bhandari(thefoodtinkerer)

Ambiance - 4/5 Service - 3/5 Food - 4/5 Tea trails is an absolute nirvana for tea-lovers to sip a cup of tea alongside few munchies in an aesthetically relaxed aura. The place is adorned with variety of tea cups, embellished teapots and edifying signboards about the TEA. The staff is quite courteous and provides decent service but can do better by being more inquisitive. From a variety of options available, we tried the Japanese Sencha, the most popular tea of their tea ceremony. It had fresh tea leaves infused with green liquor. It was served with a hourglass for the tea to be poured after the timer expires. The taste was quite likely to green tea and was extremely refreshing. We also tried their Cinnamon Chai, it was a perfectly balanced concoction of milk, tea leaves and cinnamon that went almost perfectly with their crumbly Lime Pound Cake. To beat the heat of the day, we tried their "Better Wife", to which the waiter cheekily commented "At least, we provide that option!!" Unfortunately though, the drink could have been rightly named as Pudina tea as the flavour of mint and tea dominated the beverage. Another snack that we had was the smoked sandwich, it definitely had the best paneer I ever had with a tangy BBQ sauce. Although, few of their specialities weren't available which was quite a turn off. It was a great experience overall.