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Sushees Food Court Reviews and Ratings - Alwal, Hyderabad


Rated 1.0 by Soma Goswami

Horrible experience... ordered 3 plates idli, 1 plate vada and 1 plate bonda. Idli bonda and vada all were mostly uncooked. Just like it's name sushees. ..raw. Such a waste of money and Sunday. Would never recommend anyone to visit this place. Alwal street breakfast are much better than this food court. .I was just reading the below written comments, where people are talking about mushroom, chicken, biryani dishes. Today when we asked for any other dish apart from idli and all,.the attendant denied that the restaurant is new and they didn't start all these dishes yet. When I asked for d menu card, they even denied that. Which proves that below written reviews are also fake. Come on sushees..get a good cook and better management rather than getting people to write fake reviews.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Tanmoy Sarkar

It's a good place to visit if u want casual dining we ordered paneer 65, veg manchurian, america choupsey noodles. Paneer 65 was awesome, I m not a paneer lover but the taste was awesome. Veg manchurian was disappointment it was oily and bland. American coupsey noodles was average not that good. Overall its good other than veg manchurian experience also it is less expensive compared to others like grill 9, big noodles.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Harika G

Reasonable price, tasty food, better service.. what more would food carving people prefer. I have mostly preffered take away than sitting in restaurant. So far good to go with.


Rated 5.0 by Arif Lalani

Me and my Team of 30 members were here for a shoot to this newly opened placed which is Opposite ICICI Bank, Golnaka, Alwal. A very well greeted staff helped us a lot. da biggest plus being da personalised attention by da owner. Waaa kya kickass biryani hai yaha boss... Mazza agayya... Good quality great quantity and average price makes it fully wasool..  The best and awesome Biryani and starters  i had here. Well, I have found it to be the best among all other Restaurant in hyd,  I loved their ambience which was unique.  Such generous people run this place! Every time I've eaten here or ordered in, the quantity is enough for 2-3 meals. I would any day prefer this joint over  any other out let. *Flavours were on point(which is a big plus point), meat so soft that it melts and a very subtle just yummy. *This place has very good tangdi kebabs and I love pairing these with rumali rotis. I also have had their grilled chicken & zafrani kebabs which is quite good in tast & quantity .  I cannot emphasise enough how yum the noodles here are. Quantity is enough for 3 people to eat at a time. I ordered in the chicken noodles and it came with all the fixings which i loved.This place serves some real delicious kebabs and chicken starters. It's amazingly fast and tastes like authentic indian spiced up cuisine.  This place is an amazing serving the best asian cuisine in Hyderabad right now..


Rated 5.0 by Prabhat.samuel

Excellent food, very hospitable staff and service. Spoke to the owner a very down to earth person. The biryani and mushroom curry was awesome