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Shalimar Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Neredmet, Hyderabad

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Harsha Pandula

Shalimar Hotel is a welcome sign against the likes of Green Bawarchis. Phew finally one place that believes in good food and not food for the sake of it! The place might not be the cleanest but it's not as worst as the nearest green Bawarchi. The biryani here is great! Something which Bawarchi (G.B) guys have always got it wrong apart from this I urge ppl to try the kebabs here they are mouthwatering and leave you wanting more..! I would definitely prefer this place in the nearby restaurants list in case I want to try good biryani kebabs! So the next time you heading to G.bawarchi, pls don't..! Try this place instead!

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Mukesh Bharadwaj

The bathroom stinks without proper sanitation and the food is less than below par...........................................................


Rated 4.0 by AMAR

quick service quality of food @less price paneer fried rice and chicken biryani hundi was so good loved the taste good ventilation with perfect view outside


Rated 4.0 by Vaibbhav Yadav

Biriyani is good, they have the right mix of masala. Ordered double ghost but the quantity of mutton was less. This is a major draw back, the quantity of rice is good though.



This resturant is opposite to sbi bank in naredmet.. They have indian ,tandoori and chinese in the menu.. Visited them few days ago during dinner and ordered chicken biryani.. Chicken was nicely cooked and rice was good, flavourful with perfect masala.. A good place shall visit again to try out more stuff...