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Shahi Handi - Leonia Holistic Destination Reviews and Ratings - Antaipalli, Hyderabad


Rated 1.0 by Jyoti

Ok so this review is not for this one restaurant of Leonia but for the CANDLE LIGHT DINNER that i booked through their website and which was staged in an apparent romantic corner of the resort. Let me start with saying that it still hurts literally to think about that Romantic Candle Light dinner. We were two couples and i was not the foolish couple that would book a place like this. Nevertheless we followed suit to the other mushy couple. I will describe the dinner later but firstly let me tell you that we were charged a total of ₹16000, which is a total of ₹8000 per couple, ₹4000 per person!!! I have been to places all around the world and in india where they charge u amount like this or may be higher but they provide something that this place has probably never heard- CLASS & QUALITY Our little table was shoved in the corner of a Bar room that looked more like a shady Bombay Dance Bar, the lights were dim as it was supposed to be romantic or in an attempt to hide the hideous table cloth, the below average uncouth decor (few ballons on the wall and a lousy petals heart on the little table that did not leave a place to keep food). The music was such that we had to put our own songs, the PRIVATE BULTER was so annoyed that smiling was may be painful for him. The food was sooooo average that I have no worlds for it other than average. And the quality of service was so poor that I wonder how can they sleep peacefully on the 8000 that they charge delivering such poor service. We were served a glass of red wine each initially. The wine was so bad that v decided to switch to white wine ( which also we eventually couldn’t finish). We were given a cake in the end which was such a local low quality cake that we didn’t even take it out of our car when we reached home. It was a very disturbing night as I am someone who understands quality and am ready to pay for it but it is painful to see such a pathetic place looting you. For heavens sake Taj Falaknuma charges that amount and look at the quality there!! Now let me give you guys a tip or two on how to host guests when you have the audacity to charge an amount like that. The table should be well laid out at a spacious airy place with good linen and minimalistic decor, the place should have a welcoming ambience rather than a shady one. The butler should get a sealed good quality bottle of wine and show it the guests and pour in front of them in the manner it is to be done. The food should be not just prepared well but served also in aesthetically pleasing way in little amounts. The butler should be a trained person is he is assigned to do the task. The cake in the end should be from a good place if you cannot bake well (Concu and finom make such superb cakes). Food and service is an art and it seemed like it was left in the hands of such amateur whose idea of ambience was dim lighting, idea of romantic was random hearts and idea of food was plates full of random food shoved on our table. Please learn before you charge a fortune. They teach this for years at colleges. These little nuances.


Rated 2.0 by Vaishnavi Bonala

We went to Leonia resort for my husband's birthday . They have few restaurants in their premises. But our love for mughlai made us choose Shahi handi. The restaurant is very small with just 4-5 tables. It shares a common place with their other restaurant called bistro. Shahi handi doesn't give any mughlai feel due to this. Most of the time you are interrupted with the live music being played at bistro . Their menu is very limited with few options to choose from . Although the taste is decent , their price doesn't justify the taste. All the items are overly priced. Overall would not recommend the place if you are expecting to have authentic mughlai cuisine or a peaceful dinner. Overall rating: Ambience: 2 Service: 3 Food: 3


Rated 5.0 by Tarun Sharma

Shahi handi is nice place & ambience also so good Food is so nice we enjoyed too much...😘 I don't have remember the name of waiter but is awesome is describing is everything very politely so helpful I love it I never forget the date 4th jan thank you very much Keep it up best of luck for future...


Rated 2.5 by Sadika.anand

This place is quite decent with nice ambiance. The food is okay. Doesn’t do justice to the prices of the dishes they have. The quantity is too little for the expensive prices. The staff is very understanding though.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Sakshi Singh

We came here for team outing .. For lunch we had chicken curry and Naan which was ok... Chicken biryani was ok.. Dessert was good We had mud cake,gulab jaamun and ice cream .... Well coming to the place ,I must say good place for team outing with nice ambience ....