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Salzburg Street - Amrutha Castle

nb 2.9 / 5
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Salzburg Street - Amrutha Castle Reviews and Ratings - Saifabad, Hyderabad


Rated 3.0 by Samriddhee95

The hotel is extremely beautiful and is a great replication of the western castles. We stayed here for almost a week & had a pleasant stay. But, the restaurant falls a little short of expectation. The food were neither extraordinary nor terrible, most of the items were just okay. According to me, their fish & chips was the best item. The kebabs were also quite well made. They mostly serve South Indian items for the buffet breakfast which was a disappointment as I prefer North Indian food & the variety is quite less. The ambience is pretty & the decor is cozy. The attendents are slow & inattentive. Also, they have language issues & did not understand our orders.


Rated 2.0 by Gunjan Singh

I am being polite when I say that their food is OK. It is literally ok, u do not have to shell out such a price for such ok food. the ambience, the buffet, the seating, its all good but hey, you are in food business, the food is primarily primary. If you are eating out here, m gonna totally judge you for showing off and thats all


Rated 2.0 by Foodtunes_hyd (Nipun)

This was the worst hotel for having food. The taste never comes to your mouth. The hotel was amazing and best recommended to stay but when comes to food the worst one I've got on my list. You can enjoy the view and the location but seriously not the food.


Rated 3.0 by Shatakshi Yadav

I stayed here for a week. And this hotel has great interiors and ambience but when it comes to the restaurant and the food they serve I am disappointed. They were able to serve great South Indian food(breakfast) but for a North Indian food lover like me there was nothing I could look forward to. In fact they hardly try to keep something innovative on their menu. Most of the people from my hotel used to go to a restaurant nearby. So I do not recommend this restaurant but yes apart from that I had a really good stay at the hotel as it is beautiful and is at the centre of all the great sightseeing destinations.


Rated 1.0 by Vyshnavi

There is no option to give zero rating so giving this 1* . Haven't been to any restaurant as worst as this one. The only good thing I can talk about this place is ambiance - it is good. Food is very expensive and very bad. We had horrible dosa with disgusting chutney and sambar. There is no oil nothing in that and tastes really very bad (it was very expensive - one dosa price is 270rs) definitely not worth spending. Dosas on street are 100% better.