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Bhattad Ki Idli - Rambharose Bhandar

Kachi Guda
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Bhattad Ki Idli - Rambharose Bhandar Reviews and Ratings - Kachi Guda, Hyderabad


Rated 4.0 by Rama Satya Diwakar Grandhi

More like a 3.75 Ambience - It is a very small place. It is on the ground floor of the building and it is easy to identify the place. There is hardly any seating actually. Maybe there are just about 10 stools. Best to stand and eat.  Food - The food was tasty. Went with a friend and we had a pizza dosa, an R.B.S dosa, and a plate of idli. The pizza dosa was the best of the lot taste wise. The idlis were also very soft and easily palatable. The R.B.S dosa was also fine but a bit oily.  Price - Decent pricing. It costed less than 100 each for the dosa and 30 for the idli. The quality and taste seemed to complement the price. It was worth the money. Service - Decent service. It might be because of the fact that we went for the breakfast and there were a lot of people over there. Normal folks and Swiggy folks. So, took some time. Even with too much crowd, I believe we can easily get the food with 20 mins waiting.


Rated 4.0 by Sindhu

best place for crisp dosas.. i enjoyed in having aloo masala dosas.. and soft idly... chutney is okay with dosa.. but can be taste..


Rated 4.0 by Dino

Hola people. Bhattad ki idli is situated in some lanes of kacheguda. Bhattad ki idli is a out n out tiffin center with some awesome items on their menu. The ambience is not rich bit it's upto the mark with some stools to sit and eat. The parking here is bit problematic. The place usually is crowded but in the night by 8:30 it will be less crowded so you can enjoy your dosas and idlis peacefully. We had ordered a pizza dosa, butter panner dosa and cheese garlic idli. Pizza dosa was amazing with correct amount of pizza sauce,oregano,high amount of cheese. But I feel the crest of dosa is too thin I feel it can be little thick. And coming to the butter panner dosa it was huge loaded with panner and it tasted good. cheese garlic idli has stealed the show. The idli was soft that it was melting in mouth. The idli is fried a little bit and garlic cheese is applied and cooked for little time and topped with oregani. It is a mouth watering dish that one should try. I would love visit again and try out the other items like RBS dosa and Jain dosa overall rating :-4/5 Ambience :-3/5 food:-5/5


Rated 5.0 by Jaju Sanitation

#PURE VEG # Jain food friendly, Soft idli’s & Great butter dosa, Little waiting time. Pocket friendly. Best thing is QUALITY. Neat n clean tiffin centre i have ever visited.


Rated 1.0 by Rushab Shah

Chutney had no salt and u sent idly instead of Upma! Its really surprising to see such consistency in goofing up orders!