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Rajendar Punjabi Dhaba Reviews and Ratings - Mandaipalle, Hyderabad


Rated 5.0 by Vishal Goel

Must visit - great drive on ORR and then some great food by the roadside. Away from Kompally dhaba crowd and is less commercial. Must visit once.


Rated 2.0 by RMS Roy

The first rule for any business is never to let the customer feel like a fool.  And this happened this afternoon at this most irresponsible place. On a Sunday when the weather is great, we decided to take a drive and have lunch on the highway. After checking Zomato reviews of nearby highway restaurants, we decided to give this place a try since it was family friendly and had a 3.4/5 rating, and was located ideally, close to Shamirpet Lake. It was raining when we reached around 2.30 pm and five of us family members were ushered into a packed hall which was air-conditioned and had decent seating. That was the only good part about the whole experience. We ordered for two non-veg starters. The waiter said that only chicken was available since they were out of stock on prawn, fish or mutton, all of which is boldly mentioned as available on the menu card. That was the first cue and we should have left right then but decided to order the chicken starters and complete the lunch there, since it was raining heavily outside and there are few other food places nearby. This is just the advantage they look for, since anyone, after having driven so far out of the city will settle for whatever they suggest as available.... And we were hungry. We ordered for a Paneer 65 and a Veg Manchurian and a plate each of Chicken Majestic and another of Garlic Chicken, for starters. Just since there was a crowd and we thought that things may take time, we also ordered for the main course of Punjabi Chicken and a Tomato Chutney with butter naans & rice. PLEASE DO NOT get misled by the fancy names, only because they are different from each other. The preparations are identical, made with boneless pieces of boiled chicken in an ill-prepared thick masala gravy. The moment we had the starters, we realized our mistake. When we wanted to cancel the main course, they told us it was already in preparation and we could not cancel. (Even though it took another 15 minutes to arrive). To top it all, another family from the adjacent table ordered for prawn curry and their table's waiter (different from ours) happily took the order and whisked off to get the same. (Remember, we were told that they were out of stock of prawns?). When I asked our table's waiter how prawn would be available to the adjacent table when we were refused, he was baffled and told us that it had just arrived. The fact is that when these highway places have more stock of chicken (or anything else) left over, they will simply push it and refuse other dishes. Because they know that once you've reached that far, you'd rather just eat whatever is available, and get it over with. Shame on such restaurant owners! The main course was the horror story. While the naans & the rice were standard, the Punjabi Chicken would cause real damage to a Punjabi's pride, if he ate it. To top it all, the Tomato Chutney Curry was worse. Both these dishes were made in a glassful of hot water each with some unflavoured, un-marinated boiled chicken pieces thrown in and some colour and raw masalas quickly added, just to change the raw chicken's colour. Same happened with the tomatoes in the Tomato Curry. We were thoroughly disappointed and what was worse, just to eat this crap, you need to shell out an unreasonable amount of money, just so that the owner can buy fancy Harley bikes. I'm not sure how some people have reviewed this place well on food but then, either they don't know their food or are just gullible enough to fall into the trap of such unscrupulous agents of highway robbery such as Rajender's Dhaba. We all hope that God cheats you of the ill-gotten money that you have cheated from trusting people!  #ShameOnYou The 2 stars are only for the large parking lot and the helpful attendant with the umbrella this afternoon.


Rated 3.0 by Saranya D

Food is good and tasty. Ambience is good. Rice items list on the menu can be improvised. Little far off from city... But can be tried once in a while.


Rated 3.0 by Sudatta Banerjee

This place is near BITS Pilani-Hyderabad campus..... It has an open air ambience- in the evening it looks good with lights.... Food is okay.... had batair roast on their recommendation....it was quite tasty.... didn't like their parathas though. In totality food is very spicy according to our palate- too much red chilli powder..Overall an okay place.


Rated 4.0 by Ln Reddy

Dhaba in Shamirpet food is good the ambience is good long drive scenes a must try place service is prompt well landscaped property prices a little high than compared to the regular dhabas but I guess the quality does matter it’s alrite !