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Milan Juice Center Reviews and Ratings - Kotla Alijah, Hyderabad


Rated 4.0 by Himaraja

it very famous outlet near chaminar.., Known for their Malai Salads & Creamy Juices in city. Tried Their Shahdoodh Malai, Milan Special Salad, Anjeer Malai & Matka salad (Of course in Multiple Vists ;-) ) Shahdoodh malai the Star of the Menu & tastes amazing. It filled with lot of Malai, Fresh Cream & Berries in it. A must try for Foodie. Milan Special was Creamy with Dry Furits & Malai tastes gr8. Anjeer Malai, as name reflects it was with Anjeer & Malai.., Matka Salad was Okiesh as we can get similar one in other Outlet in Hyderabad.., Eating these delicacies with a Historical Charminar View an Startling experience.


Rated 4.0 by Foodtunes_hyd (Nipun)

It was Ramzan time..we decided to have a look over the famous Milan juice center. We ordered mango malai and a berry bowl. The mango malai was excellent with a creamy layer of malai.


Rated 3.0 by Eat Like Jo 👨🏻‍🍳

Right after your hefty meals and snacks out there in Charminar, you need something to chill your bones down. Yummy sugarcane juices are available on street, further you want more exotic stuff, head to Milan Juice Centre. Overlooking Charminar they have good varieties of juices and milk based specialties this season. Found their Mulberry cream custard, almond dry fruits custard very unique. They had lots of other fruit based juices, shakes to name a few. Don’t miss the falooda too! The ambience is a different thing as it’s more like street shop, so expect those standards. Yet if the motive is to catch a glimpse of street culture with Charminar at your backdrop, this is the place to be! Did you follow my food blog in Instagram? Follow @eatlikejo Food-4/5 Ambience-2/5 Service-3/5 Value for money-4/5


Rated 2.0 by Arpit Sharma

Ambiance - It's a juice shop near Charminar and quite a small shop.  Food -  The place is quite over hyped. Rasberry Juice  - It's rich in rasberry but has a mild bitter and medium sweet  taste.  Mango Malai - They use tinned mango pulp for mango malai. The taste is too sweet and not have freshness of mangoes due to that reason.


Rated 4.0 by Rita Singh

Visit to charminar is incomplete without visiting Milan juice centre. A very famous juice point serving so many options to people. Huge demand can make you wait for a little longer. Their fruit salad and mango malai is a must try.