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McDonald's Reviews and Ratings - Madhuban Colony, Hyderabad


Rated 5.0 by All That Food

Went here on my first day on internship. N kept going there everyday. It is a good place to fill your tummy just right. Dont forget to ask for the mcd offer card.


Rated 3.0 by Shyam Gurram

I never been here on a good timing. All my timings was either midnight or early in the mornings. So little to sit or hangout. Just good for quick grab and go types. The prices are higher than usual


Rated 4.0 by _hungrybees_

The quality of cool drink they provide are average.... But new mc puff was good...ever green French fries.... Ambience was good... Service was bit delay they take long time...


Rated 3.0 by Shreya Banerjee

A large,spacious outlet with drive thru service option available. The ambience of this outlet which is nice with soothing decor, low level of noise and fast service makes it get most of that 3.0 rating. The food is as is expected of Mc Donald's, I had ordered their new American flavour burger along with Pepsi and fries. The fries were soggy and the burger buns were dry. This is one complaint I have against now only this outlet. Of all my Mc Donald's experiences lately I haven't been enjoying the burgers. Burgers are more like an escape from hellish hostel food for a person like me, and what is the point if the burger isn't an indulgent affair!!


Rated 2.5 by Sriman Ande

I have been here several times but still isn't impressed because of the fact that they don't offer homedelivery to shamshabad where many people are dying to order from McDonald's, Don't underestimate the local customers and don't just depend on the airport going customers who are any way very less and your outlet is running successfuly because of local customers and if you want to become more successful start homedelivery.