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Jarlie Desserts Reviews and Ratings - Bairagiguda, Hyderabad


Rated 5.0 by Anisha Madyala Jagadish

Bought this cute jar of sweetness from ratnadeep didnt have much expectations but the packaging was too gud to resist but when i had a bite of that smooth n creamy redvelvet cake i totally fell in love with it didnt think i would be able to finish the jar alone in one go .. but yes i did .. guilty but loved it n will definitely be looking forward for other flavours


Rated 3.0 by Isaac Moses

The perfect solution to dessert cravings. These jars of love gives you a blissful feeling. The Triple Chocolate is the best thing that the Jarlie Desserts serve and the Rainbow cake is the worst thing you'll ever taste.


Rated 3.0 by Divya ( Eatinghyderabad )

Post dinner we had dessert cravings and decided to order from jarlie. I ordered all best sellers through zomato. I placed the order at 10pm and received in 30min. Shockingly the jars I ordered was different from what i received. we couldn't wait to complain and replace, so we decided to have it. the portions are very small for the price we pay. each jar costing about 99-120 rupees and the jar size is so small that you can fit 2 on your palm !! Coming to the taste.. chocolate ganache was over sweet, carrot cake was good, blueberry cheesecake was good and redvelt can be better. so overall I would say, not a good option if you are looking for good desserts, the prices are high and the quantity is less.


Rated 4.0 by Aayushi Bhandari

Dessert craving !!! Order here :) I love the jar desserts and we ordered the red velvet, its soft, its gooey, its creamy, its perfect. What can be better than a chilled dessert coming to your door step. I loved the jarlie.  Only one thing, guys the jars too small for the price you ask, I do not feel like I had enough. Please make the jars bigger. :D  And also, increase the flavors and types of dessert. I am sure, you are going to hit it.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Nishtha Arora

I ordered twice from here and I guess the second time was needed to change my thoughts about this place. The first time I ordered walnut brownie online and while the taste was perfect i guess the mistake on my part was to not heat it. Because I didn't heat it, the walnut flavor didn't separate from chocolate and got a heavy dose of flavor. Thought maybe they don't know the mixing right. However, there was a second time, since I needed to order a late night pastry and that was the only option available. I ordered tiramisu ( my fav cake of the world, if ruin it I don't see ur face ever) n triple chocolate The triple chocolate was as expected a mouse with chocolate triplings and chocolate cake so it was good not out of the world. However, the tiramisu was out of the world. They didn't ruin my taste infact made me crave for more. Can you please give more ? + Their jars are so delightful size that they have found a little place in my constant kitchen cabinet for knick knacks.