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Hotel Rajdoot Reviews and Ratings - Khairtabad, Hyderabad

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Kiran Reddy

Went to have lunch today it's old building I think it runs by it name itself no think about the ambience it's not good but food is okay we can have not a fulfilled meal. Service 4/5 Food 3/5 Ambience 3/5 Overall 3.5/5


Rated 1.0 by Sreejith Mohan

I was just around the corner and my cabbie suggested why not this place. from outside looked fine , expecting authentic hyderabadi or at least andra meals I stepped in . the ambience was horrible which I did nt mind as old places tend to be so. the hand wash was pathetic which I again over looked . I had my eyes only on the food which I was looking forward to. ordered roti and chicken , aft 15 min or so the waiter came back offering me something else. somethg close to a roti is what I was expecting and there it some aft a few minutes. the roti was cold, later I noticed it was the same thg that they serve pre lunch they offered me which was a huge turn down.the most terribly thg was their chicken it tasted worse. chicken was sour terribly. TO take that taste off i orders a biriyani.which again annoyed me. it was all rice , no flavor .with just regrets I paid up and walked away.I.understand that this place seems to b really old and a lot of ppl have great memorize but for other I wud say stay hungry than eat at a place like this.


Rated 3.0 by Ronu Antony

dont expect much on ambience but food is okay okay. I ordered prawns curry and rice along with meku tala mamsam(goat head curry) . prawns curry was tooo spicy , you will feel it next morning and taste wise the curry was good but less quantity . and about tala mamsam the curry was like they had added the goats head in the fish curry and you will not be able to find out whether you are eating fish curry or goats head .anyway I enjoyed it. IF  you want to enjoy real telangana food . then just give it a try


Rated 2.0 by S Basu

Terrible ambience, Okay'ish food, good service... but not worth the pretty steep rates (particularly considering the ambience & quantity). This is a middle of city, pretty small, dark'ish shabby place with no ambience to speak of... which has grown much like it's 3 or 4 neighbours nearby from humble beginnings to now having a more restaurant like seating place. The menu is quite short and consists of Andhra thalis apart from a mutton biryani, chicken biryani cooked in the less spicy coastal style ... and one or two dishes max of fish, prawn, eggs apart from chicken, mutton. The sad part was for fried dish they only serve one type of fish - maral. (which I didn't really like... and I felt portion size was too small for 190/- bucks per plate in that ambience and that type of restaurant). - The mutton biryani was less spicy but quite fragrant, but the quantity was too less for 100 bucks for half plate and 200/- for full. (as expensive as if not more expensive than paradise biryani and for one-fourth quantity probably).- Also there was practically no meat... with even bones hard to find in the biryani. - The quantity for maral fish fry was also really less for 190/- for the fish-with-bones fry option (the boneless variant was out of stock). They were already out of boneless fish fry or prawns at 9PM..... - I was told these are available only during lunch time. (Also, I think it might make the place appear less shady and more respectable too if you go during the day instead.) The good part was the owner was present behind the cash counter and taking personal interest in ensuring diners got good service. And the waiters were competing with each other to ingratiate themselves to the diners and serve better. - Food was delivered promptly and waiters tried to be very helpful. I already submitted my negative feedback to the owner before leaving. Will update if I see any improvement. But for now, I do not recommend visiting this place unless you are desperate for Andhra food while waiting for a long distance bus out of Hyderabad and like most of their clientele in the area primarily because you need to catch a long distance bus out from that Lakdikapul crossing where all these bus travel operators are located right next to the restaurants. Ambience - 1/10 Food - 3/10 Cost - 200 to 300 per head.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Srikanth Nandoori

This is my favourite food point where they serve a lavish meal which would be sufficient for an individual. They also serve breakfast in the morning and snacks in the evening. I usually have snacks in the evening. Tasty and price worthy. Meals section gives pure andhra meal, which tastes fabulous. They also serve non vegetarian items. Biryani here tastes even good. They also have a sweet shop serving typical andhra sweets. Highly recommended food spot Rajdoot!!!! Food -4 Ambience-3 Service-self service