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Hotel Niagara Reviews and Ratings - Chadarghat, Hyderabad


Rated 1.0 by Kedar Nath

This used to be a legendary place..... this place has it's own history..... but taste has come down from years from bad to worse....... They used to serve excellent food at pocket friendly price ... Thiss place has lost it's fame I tried chicken biryani which I cannot describe in words how worst it was.....


Rated 1.0 by Swathi Sree

Very bad hotel. Please never have a cup of tea also here. Because you can have nothing fresh. I had worst experience on sunday. I was here for lunch, I found food with very bad smell, which was parcel.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Mohammed Imad

A place with its own history of serving food since years and years but now it has gone a little down in terms of happening place and the way people used to throng this place has faded away. But yeah this place should start renovation and make them more visible and get attention.


Rated 1.0 by Afroz Khan

Bakwaas hotel. no service available. No cleaning no service no staff are there. Khana ma kuch bhi nahi hai except chicken biryani. I'm very sad today


Rated 1.0 by Srinivas Prasad

Pathetic! No other word to describe. An absolutely legendary place amongst the college going crowd during my college days some 12 years ago, they used to serve delicious biryani for pocket friendly prices. We went back a few days ago to try it out and based on our experience, we arent going back there again. It is located on Chaderghat main road and has no real 4 wheeler parking place, though you have enough place by the road side to park your car. Not sure about the safety though. Anyway, we went at around 9 pm on a Saturday evening and there were hardly anyone in the family section. The waiters hardly seemed interested in attending to us or taking the order. We ordered for couple of chicken biryanis eventually and were contemplating ordering a tandoori chicken or something when the most tasteless biryani ever arrived. It was plain white rice and no, am not exaggerating. There was hardly anh salt, any masala, any just was as bad as it can get. The chicken pieces had no taste and the salan was equally bad. We asked the waiter for a spicier version of gravy and enquired why the biryani tasted so flavorless. All he had to say was "Aise hi banta hai". We were thankful for his answer because it helped us understand that the taste that day was not an aberration and something that their standards have dropped to. Made it sure that we would never try that again. Unless we want to punish someone in the name of biryani!