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Elephant Restaurant Reviews and Ratings - Bolarum, Hyderabad


Rated 4.0 by Rohit Reddy

One of the best biryanis i ate in recent times! TRY POT BIRYANI!! Elephant is a small restaurant near hakimpet in shamirpet near hakimpet air force. The A/C one is decent enough and clean! The staff are a bit lazy. But the pot biryani is worth trying! The flavour spice and aroma are just perfect! 4 is also for biryani only! Ambience 2/5 Food 5/5(biryani) Service 3/5


Rated 3.0 by Sudatta Banerjee

A place near Hakimpet bus stop.... Had packed biriyani from this place quite often while returning from's good but too spicy for our palate.....I like their fried rice.... Rest of the fare is okay....service is sometimes very slow.... ambience is okay-they have an AC and non-ac section.


Rated 1.0 by Nikita Samatkar

Food taste is bad, bad hospitality, waiters don't pay attention to the customers and above all orders are mistaken ! Not recommended at all!


Rated 1.0 by Bhargav Tej Udayabhanu

The service is what compelled me to give it a 1 star rating. Think twice before you stop here. Of course, the quality and taste of the food isn't good either.


Rated 1.0 by Vinaynarayanan1

When we went with hungry stomachs yesterday to have some biryani which we liked from a parcel from the same place a week ago, we were served with absolutely bland and tasteless biryani. It had like only ghee in it and it tasted like having plain rice and chicken. When we called the waiter asking about the poor biryani, he replied saying "you ordered special biryani right, it's different obviously" . Like seriously?! You pay extra for special only to be served shit? Then we went into explaining how it lacked the basic biryani smell flavor and the very basic salt. He again argued saying how can biryani have salt! Like OMG, now he says biryani doesn't have salt. We had to argue with a guy at the counter for like half an hour before he agreed with us not paying for one of the biryanis. I paid for one of the biryani only because we ate the chicken in it. Else I would have paid zero bucks. He didn't even apologize in the end. He said us to not come back there if we did not like their food. POOR TREATMENT OF CUSTOMERS AND ZERO RESPECT TO THE CUSTOMERS. I WOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN AND SUGGEST YOU TO GO VISIT EVERGREEN OR RAJENDAR DHABA NEAR BY THEY SERVE AMAZING FOOD.