Hitech City Main Road, Madhapur
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Chepotle Reviews and Ratings - Madhapur, Hyderabad


Rated 3.0 by Sunaina Patnaik

Chepotle is a food truck that's safely tucked in one corner of Hitech City. The person serving (and preparing) the food was quite nice in helping us choose from the menu. We tried the Tacos Veggie Paneer and Tacos Corn Cob. Both of them has the same sauce base, beans and rice. I'm not really sure if the salsa was homemade and fresh, but it tasted alright. Chepotle is a place where you can just pick some snacks from on your way. Nothing great about it, but then nothing to complain as well.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Riya Ghosal

I needed a mid-week pick-me-up and my comfort zone is always good food so in desperate hopes of getting to eat cheap and tasty Mexican food - I ordered from here. I placed the order through zomato and I got the food within the time promised to me. I ordered a chicken bowl and chicken quesadilla. For Rs 200 I think it was a good deal (they had 20% off). I wish they could have added a little less spice in the rice bowl but otherwise it's quite filling with rice, chicken, corn, green peppers and some salsa and sauces. The quesadilla was nice in its own way but not much compared to what an actual quesadilla is. Not a bad place to order in Mexican from! Maybe they'll add some Mexican desserts soon?


Rated 1.0 by Vishnu Varma

Have this place closed immediately.How can a place be this unhygienic.Flies everywhere garbage everywhere no lids or containers on anything.We ordered and wanted to leave without paying but we waited paid for the food and threw it on the road.Dont understand how people could manage it so badly.If one of those Inspectors for restaurants find this place they'll have everything closed down.I'm seriously considering calling one right now.


Rated 4.0 by Bharath Kumar

Chepotle! The authentic Mexican food which is even their tagline! Was just bored in the evening today and decided to toy with the idea of ordering food from this place which has close to three outlets in the city now. Ordered a chicken rice bowl as wasn't much hungry and did not want to experiment much with the new place. Delivery was normal paced and got the order within 45 mins. But this was a pleasant surprise. The way the food was packed and still received warm was good. As I digged into the first spoon it was delicious and the perfect balance of veggies, spices, chicken and sauces, mayonnaise! I finished the bowl within minutes, it was that tasty and yum! Looking forward to taste more of the mexican menu from here soon. A definite go to place! Food: 4/5 Delivery: 3.5/5 Service: 4/5

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Nishita Acharya

I ordered in chicken quesadilla and grilled chicken in herbed oil. The grilled chicken was actually chunks of chicken with the salsa and other condiments which is a little odd because it was more of a salad kind of a thing than grilled chicken. We were expecting a whole piece of chicken instead. But on the bright side, it tasted really nice. Next is the chicken quesadilla. Though I couldn't spot any chicken in it, I could taste the black beans, the cheese, the tomato and the capsicum. It was fresh, light and full of flavour. I missed my chunks of chicken in it but I was very happy with my food. This is one meal I can have without feeling guilty about overdosing on the calories ! Overall, a decent experience.