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Chaat House

HiTech City Road, Hitech City
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Chaat House Reviews and Ratings - Hitech City, Hyderabad

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Lopa Rath

Parathas r really tasty..specially sattu paratha...its near to my offc & i prefer to eat there only if m planning for parathas...But i never gt a chance of tasting other items like litti chokka n all bcz its avlbl on Weekend only......Hoping to get it on weekdays also.... Ambience:4.5/5 Food:5/5 Service:4.5/5


Rated 2.0 by Manikanda Pai

Went to this place last Tuesday. Had heard of this place for quite some time but did not get a chance. Wanted to have the litti China but was disappointed that it was not available. Many of the things on the menu were unavailable. Had the pain poor. It was soggy n tasteless. Reported the same n the blame went to the weather interesting that u can still get crispy ones from roadside chat salad. Anyways if it is the condition I think they should stop selling it or inform about the same to customer. Next ordered dahi papdi n lost total hope. But we were hungry n decided to try the parents n I am glad we tried . The best of the lot I should say hot n chutney was awesome must try I should say. Service : small place but well managed n pleasantly kept. Ambience: it's a outlet well maintained and clean Overall was disappointed with the food the rating whatever I am giving is because parantha saved the dayChaathouse Chaathouse


Rated 4.0 by Ashutosh Jambhale

A new place which serves Chaat. They have all sorts of options which gets prepared across the country like pav bhaji from mumbai, dabeli from gujrat, kchori from rajasthan, chaat from delhi, litti choka from bihar, lassi from punjab and paranthas. Coming to what i liked most was kachori as it was fresh and hot when it was served. With crispness, tasty chutneys it was definitely worth trying. We had ordered for samosa, litti choka which i had it for the first tine and liked it. Pani puri was good, aloo tikki chaat and papdi chaat was average and not so great. The cheese paratha was full of cheese and unlike ogher restaurant where we find less cheese in cheese paratha. About service, it was good and they asked whether the food was good and what they can improve on. Ambiance is good as you expect in chaat house which gives you option of dining rather then having it while you stand. Food - 4.5/5 Ambiance - 4/5 Service - 4/5


Rated 5.0 by Harsh Jhunjhunwala

Its a hidden gem ! Few of the things which i missed in hyderabad was paw bhaji , litti chokha , samosa ! Lot of places serves this bt none of them had a gr8 taste where u wanna visit again ! Finally chaat house came ! Recently got opened in madhapur .. I can guarantee it serve 1 of the best food ! Have tried paw bhaji, pyaaz kachodi, samosa, dhabeli & d best litti chokha ! Each item had a unique taste n reminded me of rajasthan & kolkata ! In my nxt visit will sure click some snaps ! Ya above all its too pocket friendly , for eg a plate of litti chokha cost 30 n its a lot heavy !! In 2016 wer u get 5 pcs of momo for Rs50 ! I dont knw how these ppl r managing ! Do check it out !! 😋😋


Rated 5.0 by Ravi Yogesh

Probably the first time I am going with a 5/5. This place has been on my checklist ever since I got to know about the opening just few days back, owing to my liking for street food and savory chat items made north Indian style without compromising on hygiene.   It is located in the Image Hospital Area in the lane opposite Venkateshwara College, not very far from the main HiTec city road in a very well maintained no-nonsense setup with due attention given to hygiene and cleanliness.  The menu is a microcosm of snacks from different parts of the country, as depicted on the walls too,  ranging from Litti Chokha and Stuffed Parathas to Dabelis and Paav Bhaaji  which can suffice for both a meal or a quick snack at any given time of the day (they are open from 8 in the morning).  Also, the owners have Rajasthani roots and the chef has been brought from there too ,  together trying to bring authentic tastes of their lands to us. We ordered Pyaaj Kachori, Litti Chokha, Paani Puri and Masala Drink for two of us. The Pyaaj Kachori was the first one to arrive and shocked us by the size and presentation , given that it was priced only 25 bucks (see pics attached). Such a melt-in-the-mouth crust and what a fabulous filling it had inside !  One-of its kind with a platitude of flavors amalgamating into something heavenly. It was served with 3 sides, green chutney, sweet chutney and a garlic chutney which was liking icing on the cake. With expectations set so high, the Paani Puri plate arrived in full fashion with 4 sides, which was again totally beyond expectations. Perfectly balanced Pudina Paani topped with Bundi, Sweet Chutney with hints of Sonth, Chole , seasoned mashed potatoes and chopped onions each served separately to give us full control of they way we like it, all set in a big tray for 20 bucks !!! By the time we finished PaaniPuri, we had the Litti plate waiting for us, soaked in Ghee and served with Baingan Bharta. One bite and we were transported back to nostalgic memories of this being made at home in childhood. Same taste, same feelings. The Sattu filling had a tantalizing touch to it of something which we soon discovered to coming from pickled oil used  to season it :)  Food is Memories indeed (The 100 Foot Journey) !!  All this while the owner was telling about how he is trying to get so much authenticity with home made masalas, getting recipes from grannies and working with the chef to improvise further based on the feedback he is receiving from customers. I had no words of advice except asking him to maintain the same taste and quality and let the magic unfold as I seriously felt incompetent to do so and sipped the masala drink (flavored coke served with ice-cubes) slowly :). Not to mention, each and everything listed on the menu was available to order, even though it is hardly two weeks old and susceptible to teething issues. I am planning my next visit very soon to taste the other items on the menu, especially Chat, Samosa, Jhal Muri and Special Lassi with more buddies who share the same taste and liking.  All in all, I won't hesitate from saying that this is THE Panacea for all Chat/Snacks Cravings in this area and at extremely reasonable prices !  If you are in this part of the city and have a liking for Street Food, this is the place to be and get your friends too !! Recommended and Ultimate bang for the buck ! Disclaimer: One of the owners is an ex-colleague of mine but I don't have any business interests in this venture. You have to taste it to believe it :)