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Amantran Reviews and Ratings - Domalguda, Hyderabad


Rated 3.0 by Rituporna Dowerah

The veg thali costs Rs 50, but comes with very few items. Chicken is tasty. Fish is also pretty good. Ambience could have been better! #bengalifood #hyderabadfood #foodie #rice #foodlovers


Rated 4.0 by Atul Nandan

One of the best places to have authentic Bengali fool in Hyderabad. The taste is purely authentic Bengali. And the cost of dishes is also not much.


Rated 4.0 by Armaan Sanket

if you are a non-vegeterian but overdosed with chicken, then this the place to be. They sever homely Bengali delicacies at a reasonable cost. They have a variety of fish delicacies and good mutton related curry to go with the white rice. if you are more into a ambience, this is not the place that you need to go. it is a small dingy restaurant, more for people who are daily visitors.


Rated 5.0 by Kumar Abhisek Prusty

Best Bengali place in Hyderabad. Fish, chicken and egg dishes are so good and mouthwatering and it's mandatory to lick your fingers at the end of the meal.


Rated 4.0 by ClickEatXploreYo

Fish, Rolls, Sandesh, Lucchi's, Jhal muri….. Yes, you guessed it right... Bengali Food…! & AMANTRAN was on my list since a long time for a yum Bengali Cuisine experience. Finally could make it to the place... A Small setup which can hardly fit in 25-30 pax and few more makes it crowded (Usually Weekends) ..! Luckily I have been to this place on a weekday... I was looking at the menu as if I am gonna do PhD in Bengali cuisine. Appreciate the guys around who were patient (adj) enough in answering my numerous questions on what it is ? what is it made off ? is it sweet/sour/tangy ?.. it was very close that one more question I would be a Patient (noun) 😛 Finally, my choice of order was Veg for this time..! Alo Posto tastes it for the first time & totally loved it ..!! that nutty flavour with a slight bitter cut went well with hot rice..! Dhokar Dalna another fantastic dish, dished out of chana dal... The flavourful gravy with soft dhoka’s (spice cake made from mashed chana dal) together was yum when had with rice... The end taste is what impressed me. Though I couldn't make out what it was, a hit of sudden strong flavour (guess its cinnamon) to the palate is all that I can remember.. Veg Chop was again a surprise as I am expecting it to be spicy and it tasted sweet. The stuffing was the carrot. Tasted good. Finally Gur . Unlike the store available ones which are as white as white 🤣this is a little pale 😛 as it is a typical Bengali version which is made with jaggery syrup. Soft, spongy with mild sweetness... Addictive it is...! Have to pay a visit again for Non-Veg delicacies..! Overall bill was 85₹ approx ..! #annadathasukhibhava #ClickEatXploreYo