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Al Hejaz Cafeteria

Khadar Bagh
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Al Hejaz Cafeteria Reviews and Ratings - Khadar Bagh, Hyderabad


Rated 4.0 by Rameez Siddiqui

One of the finest place for falafil and sabba cravings in the city! Located right next to Quba masjid,it has very affordable and very delicious falafils made right in front of our eyes! I was baffled with quality! Highly recommend this place


Rated 1.0 by Ricky Bahl

This USED to be one of my fav place for falafels and nuggets shawarma as it serves one of the best tasting Arabic snacks and sandwiches but this one time I saw one of the working boys at the joint ( who were terribly shabby and untidy n unhygienic) sneezed onto a fresh serve of French fries while getting it from the kitchen and unfortunately I happened to see it. The worst part was the falafel maker was going to use the same fries to make falafels and that is where I lost my Kool. Not only I thrashed all the people working there but also made my order free and stopped going there since then. Just imagine, if sneezing into the fries is just one thing that my eye has caught, then God knows how they handle the other things.


Rated 4.0 by Shafia Shams

It is a small joint in mehdipatnam with hardly 2 tables for sitting but the food is worth coming for. It has a small menu with limited amount of sandwiches- here the sandwiches are served in romali roti insted of bread. I tried its speciality sabbah sandwich. It is filled with falafel,mayo,ketchup,boiled eggs and good amount of french fries. The combination of it taste great. The sandwich is like a meal in it self, tasty,filling and very easy on pocket. This place is like a hidden gem, highly recommended.


Rated 4.0 by Abhi Ram

I've read some reviews saying the place is crowded. But lemme tell you it's all worth the wait. I've tried the sabba sandwich and it was good and it's even at a reasonable price. Can hangout with your buddies for a quick snack.


Rated 5.0 by Asmera Qureshi

The sabah sandwich is the best sandwich i ever had! I love this place i really like the taste of sabah sandwich! The proper amount of all ingredients makes it the best sandwich!