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Tawa Grill Company


Phone no. - +91 9810914551, +91 9910890975


Cost for two - 600


North Indian, Mughlai, Lebanese

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Tawa Grill Company, , Faridabad

About Tawa Grill Company


North Indian, Mughlai, Lebanese


Plot 1, Anangpur Chowk, Surajkund Road, Opposte Omaxe, Sector 43, Faridabad, Faridabad

Phone no.

+91 9810914551, +91 9910890975

Average cost

Cost for two - 600

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12:30 PM - 11 PM


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12:30 PM - 11 PM


12:30 PM - 11 PM


12:30 PM - 11 PM


12:30 PM - 11 PM


12:30 PM - 11 PM


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Tawa Grill Company Reviews


Rated 1.0 by Shivani Rastogi

with so many restaurants cropping right next to each and copying each other's menu to the point yet not standing upto the mark, when i randomly chanced upon the menu of Tawa Grill Company, i was fairly impressed and decided to give it a try., also because i was under the impression that since their menu is so limited their entire focus would be in providing best quality of the dishes!!! but that was the only thing that impressed me about the place...the menu was done up nicely and the best part was it was a small menu with limited yet very different options in fancy names, which no one in the neighboring vicinity is providing, and being a foodie and a hardcore non vegetarian i immediately called up the restaurant and placed my order. after waiting for 1.5 hours, i recieved my order, and was very excited to dig in it, little did i know i had just wasted 500 bucks on trash. so i ordered their half portion of banno kebab, which basically is reshmi kebab....i.e. succulent and creamy chicken malai tikka wrapped in a frothy, fluffy egg coating.....what i got in appearance was same, 3 big tikkas wrapped in il call a thin omelette....but taste wise it was just bland!! yes the chicken was soft, but it wasnt juicy, yes malai tikka is supposed to be mild in taste, but it was simply bland.....and yet it was the saving grace of the meal!!! next i ordered their ghost ke tukde, wherein they serve 8 small pieces of boneless mutton, now before placing the ordered, i clearly asked the person/owner about the preparation and that il order only if the pieces are well marinated and soft and juicy to which he very confidentaly stated that the pieces will melt in my mouth, are very soft and my horror, it was the worst mutton dish i had, it felt like they have taken it out from the freezer and put it in tandoor and served, there was no special marination, and the meat itself was so tough and fibrous and omg completely inedible that i had to throw it away as even my servant refused to eat it. the garlic naan was again as if made for cows and buffallos to eat, it was so god damn think and doughy and uncooked....there was no garlic flavor whatsoever, and again it went straight in my trashcan as my stomach refused to take in such copiuos amount of uncooked maida. the best part about the meal was the chutney, which i liked and thats about it, a word to the owners, your strategy of putting such fancy names and offering different cuts of meat that not many are seving, will surely fetch you customers but mind you, with the quality you guys are providing not even a single one will return again, highly disappointed and shall never order from this place again. very sad that such beautiful dishes are dishonored this way.

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