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Yi Chi Lai Reviews and Ratings - Netaji Subhash Place, New Delhi


Rated 2.0 by Let's Eat 😋😋

Today I visited nsp and saw this place. They were making noodles and fried rice. So I just love noodles , and decided to eat from this outlet. Food I had the combo. Noodles with Manchurian. Yucks the Manchurian were horrible in taste. The sauce and the Manchurian balls were yucky. Didn't liked it at all. Chilli potatoes These were okay okay. The pricing is very less. It is very pocket friendly but the taste is not good.


Rated 5.0 by Yehkhao

Review in 60 words.  This is opened by a Chinese guy. And he tried with authentic Chinese food and he has to withdraw the menu and cam up with a new menu. Indian chinese. Still you can see shades of authenticity here. a 20 on 10 in terms of value for money.  Turnoffs: No sitting.  Cheats: Ask him to put the red oil in the rice and noodles. Makes it more authentic.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by The Aspiring Gastronomes

Yi Chi Lai: REAL fast food! Yi Chi Lai is a takeaway restaurant that offers some basic Indo-Chinese food. The pricing is awfully good- You get a combo of noodles and gravy for around INR 50- the fare is competent and their grainy, orang-ish hot sauce good! The place is fairly hygienic and the staff always in uniform. The packaging is good- a clear polycarbonate box with a lid and partitions within. The noodles have been improvised and the gravies go well. They keep their food ready to be given out in specialized heated apparatus and that translates to a serving time worthy of a real "Fast-food" tag- not to say it's unhealthy or anything like that. ◾Our verdict: Yi Chi Lai is a place worth trying for fast noodle combos that go well on the general palate and certainly deserves more business than it gets (with all the sordid places around thriving).


Rated 5.0 by Dipanjan Das

I have visited this joint quite a few times as my office is quite nearby, their food is good and hygiene is what appealed to me the most. I have tasted two items from their menus. The fried rice with manchurian gravy and Tieban noodles with Tofu and Paneer. The Rice of the fried rice was well cooked, and the manchurian tasted exactly as it should have. I tried out their Tieban noodles with tofu and I liked it. I see a negative review down there, I guess it depends on various taste buds. We Indians may like Chinese in the Indian form and may not like the taste as it is a pure Chinese dish.  In case you are at NSP next time and looking forward to having an authentic Chinese dish, this Joint is a must try but keep in mind, do not expect to find a chowmein in the Tieban noodles, it will be similar to finding your ex in your wife.   My rating  Fried rice with Manchurian Gravy: 8/10 Tieban noodles with manchurian gravy and tofu. -  8.5/10 I am yet to try out other dishes from their list. Once I do I'll list down my review.


Rated 1.0 by Aviraj Singh Dua

Worst food ever.We ordered Tibetian noodles with tofu and Paneer.The food was tasteless.We could not even eat it after taking 2-3 spoons of food.Would not recommend this place to anyone.