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Whirly Ice Cream Reviews and Ratings - Pitampura, New Delhi


Rated 5.0 by Kanishka Chandna

Perfect sweet delight😍😍 Stone ice creams are just waayyy toooo delicious😍😍😍 Different colours and textures make them look so pretty hat one cant resist eating them😍😍


Rated 5.0 by Where's The Food?

Whirly's, Pitampura is a super cuteee place to cheer your mood up with slurpy ice cream rolls, shakes and more! 🍧🍧 . . We tried their COOKIE MONSTER and it definitely did satisfy the chocolate monster that lives inside us..😍😍 . Made with crushed oreos, chocochip and yummy ice cream rolls, this one is a 10/10!✅ . . Place- Whirly's, Pitampura Dish- Cookie Monster Price- ₹125

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Lakshita Chadha

*Presentation 0/10 *Taste 0/10 *Quality 0/10 *Quantity -0.5/10 Never coming here again! Thanks for the hospitality.. Loved it before but not now after this visit.

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Vir Pratap Singh

“Whirly! This place is more like a Restro at the beach but only serving ice creams and shakes. There’s not much of a warm feeling of greetings. The sitting arrangement is good, location is good and so are they quite hygienic. I have been here a few times already. Today i ordered Oreo shake which tastes just lovely, especially when it gets thicker from mid way to bottom. However since i asked as a take away, i still don’t get it why would they give you big thick straws and yet little rectangular shape opening cup cover to drink from. Overall, a good place and should try once....”

Good Enough

Rated 3.5 by Rishabh Munjal

Wanna gave some decent ice cream rolls Whirly is the place Nice place to go with friends Sitting arrangement was good. The ice cream rolls were also ok. Not that good what i thought. But hope they will increase the quality of rolls I tried the butterscotch flavor which was tasting less Butterscotch more of sugar only. 😂 But the other one chocolate ice cream roll was quite good❤️