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Western Bite Reviews and Ratings - Uttam Nagar, New Delhi


Rated 2.5 by Anand Jha

I stumbled across the place when I had gone to get regular check up done for my mother at a hospital nearby. I had some time to kill and was roaming around to find some fancy food. I saw the place and noticed that I hadn't seen the outlet earlier. The name sounded fancy, had some chaaps dangling in front and seemed to have clean looking tables from outside. All this was enough to lure me in. 😋 I decided to try some three items and some shake if they had. Sadly they had just regular cold drinks. Coming to food front, the items put up on display weren't so many, but looked extremely tempting! I was craving for some #Pasta, and noticed there was #Hot Dog too, so I enquired for them. But alas I was told they weren't available much to my dismay! I was told that their Chef had gone for vacation and hence only the basic items were available. Fair enough. Finally I zeroed in on #Paneer tikka pizza, #Cheese burger, and #Grilled sandwich. Of these the pizza was fine; taste was to my liking but nothing to rave about. #Cheese burger also tasted fine but cheese/mayonnaise quantity was not so generous. I have had much better #Burgers in and around the area at the a equivalent price. #Grilled sandwich has always been one of my favourites and also tried and tested dish over the years. The stuffing and taste inside was good, but the outer crust got slightly burnt which spoiled the taste. There's a thin line between keeping the sandwiches crunchy and getting it burned; they couldn't get that right. :( The staff at the place is really amazing. It literally saved it for them. He was quite friendly and energetically responded to my queries. The service was EXTREMELY SLOW. I was the lone guy when I placed my order, still it took them almost half an hour to prepare. I was left wondering what would happen if there was a rush. All would have been worth it, if taste for everything had been up to the mark. PRICING IS QUITE REASONABLE, and cost for two would come to around 300-350 bucks. THE GOOD: * GOOD MIX OF ITEMS OFFERED IN THE MENU (ALTHOUGH FEW WEREN'T AVAILABLE). * STAFF IS GREAT. * PANEER TIKKA PIZZA, #MALAI TIKKA CHAAP (MY FRIEND SAID IT'S GOOD THERE; I SHALL BE ORDERING TOMORROW TO CHECK THE TASTE). * CLEAN AND WELL MAINTAINED PLACE. GOOD SPACIOUS SEATING ARRANGEMENT. THE BAD * SERVICE IS EXTREMELY SLOW * NO SHAKES ARE AVAILABLE * JUST AVERAGE TASTE * COMPETITION IS HIGH AND MUCH BETTER This place can be definitely given a try. It has some good mix available in the menu. I hope my future experiences are better as I'm having a good feeling about the place that it's going to do good. Here are some "food for thought" pictures for you to ponder upon. ;) Harsh M Jha


Rated 5.0 by Rishi Chutani

Have tasted quality food there,, quantity also gud, price reasonable, posted review after eating almost all items.. keep hard work going.. cheers


Rated 5.0 by Himanshu Krishna

Food was awesome specially pizza burger and cheap. Best place for friends get to gather for eating best tasty and quality food...... .................. ...