The Electric Room - The Lodhi

Lodhi Road, Pragati Vihar
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The Electric Room - The Lodhi Reviews and Ratings - Pragati Vihar, New Delhi


Rated 2.0 by Nishant M

Me and my girlfriend went to this place because this band Parekh&Singh were playing and we didn't want to miss it. The sound system of this place is horrible. They have a bar full of a great diversity of drinks and I enjoyed my drinks (I enjoy all my drinks regardless) but when I woke up from my hangover the next day, I realised that I had one kidney missing, and upon a lot of thinking and recollection I later found out that I had to sell it to that place so I could afford my drinks which are so heavily priced. A deal I regret but I'm surviving just fine with one kidney. Staff is uninterested in serving you at most times, and the overall ambience of the place isn't great at all. Needs a lot of improvement.


Rated 5.0 by FOODIE SURDIE

The Electric Room, can be daunting to find for the uninitiated. The basement parking entrance, though very nicely executed, is a bit tough to understand. I really wish the Hotel would open up.a direct entrance, from the Driveway, maybe where the Men's Washroom is currently located, to give direct access to this great entertainment zone. My friend and I had come, the day before Holi, to meet with Assistant Bar Manager, Yogesh Kumar, to be initiated into the making of his wonderful Holi Cocktail, #ShivelySour .. it was a great experience! Generally, Yogesh uses Woodford Reserve Bourbon and Goose Berries to make his Cocktail and he first demonstrated that ... Sensational! He also demonstrated how the same cocktail coiul be made with Jack Daniels.. really enjoyed his demonstration! I would say, on the whole, the Woodford Reserve Bourbon based cocktail, won the day. For those looking for have a fabulous time at The Electric Room, please do connect with Yogesh Kumar .. YOU will not regret it!!


Rated 4.0 by SM

went there for the first time and I thing for a Saturday night and that too at 12:40 midnight it was empty I was first one to enter I think., got know from the staff there that it pics up later in night don't will come back to see it in full flow ...!!! All over my evening was made as I had great cocktails thanks yogesh for the hospitality see soon ..!!


Rated 1.0 by Anulekha Roy

this place is good only for it's music and that's it. Rest their food is pathetic , their service is terrible and management is illiterate...


Rated 5.0 by Utkarsh Jain

Very nice place to be , very elite crowd delicious foodbe in touch with saiyam there he takes care with full hospitality ! A must visit place !