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The Cavalry Bar - Maidens Hotel

Civil Lines

Phone no. - +91 11 23890505, 011 23975464


Finger Food

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The Cavalry Bar - Maidens Hotel Reviews and Ratings - Civil Lines, New Delhi


Rated 3.0 by Mohit Jain

Cavalry bar is in the surroundings of Oberoi maiden hotel civil lines......U can't call it this a Bar but just a small section of hotel opened for a bar.I ordered martini which is good ....would suggest this place for some office meeting or only if anyone having a stay in Maidens hotel


Rated 2.0 by Shakti Rathore

The picture given here is of some other place of the hotel,but as far as i can tell,the bar is too cramped and small..there is hardly any place to breath!! Its situated on the ground floor,well equipped and stocked..but too small and congested..nightmare for a claustophobic like me. We ordered two quick servings of vodka with orange juice..straight drinks with no presentation or anythng..but thankfully they offered masala peanuts complimentary XD Service was prompt but the bartender looked dry and uninterested. Prices are fair. I have rated this place really low because for me,a bar/pub's ambience is all tht matters..and i would prefer drinking in my car rather than a vague confined room like this one..

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