Take Home Chef

Karol Bagh

Phone no. - +91 9873053284


Cost for two - 500

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Take Home Chef Reviews and Ratings - Karol Bagh, New Delhi


Rated 4.0 by Wake_and_bite.

I tried the popsicle at horn okay please & they are very good boozy & tasty.. We had the vodka, gummy bear and the coke once. They look very different from the picture advertised but good all the same .


Rated 1.0 by Arushi Gulati

Had the worst experience here. A friend of mine made me try these “Alcoholic popsicles” and seriously I felt nothing alcoholic in it. The only reason I wanted to try it was because of the beautiful pictures so I thought even it tastes bad, I can still click the pictures. But it was the worst. Had their Vodka Gummy bear one and it looked pathetic. Honestly. And the vodka didn’t taste anything like vodka but some sweet sugary drink and the gummy bears made this worse. I couldn’t even have it halfway. I had to just throw them in the bin. No, this is not a fake review or I don’t have any hate towards them. I tried their popsicles.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Foodiepajji

I just heard about it but it was really alcoholic -tried vodka popsicle at horn ok please fest at jln stadium . They have other varient too ....will try next time sure

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Shreeya Malhotra

I tried the popsicles at horn okay please fest and they are very good boozy and tasty We had the red wine , vodka and gummy bear and the rum and coke ones They did look very different from the pictures advertised but good all the same

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Manan Bhalla (Eastdelhikehapshi)

I saw so many bloggers raving about this place so I decided to try it at the Horn Ok Please festival and let me tell you, they look COMPLETELY different from what is shown in the picture. I had their Alcoholic popsicles in Vodka Gummy Bear and Red Wine Sangria. The Sangria one was still okayish but the Vodka Gummy bear one barely had any vodka in it and the gummy bears inside were very chewy. The non-alcoholic one I had was the Cold coffee popsicle, and it did not taste good too. Absolutely a waste of money, tbh.

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