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Smoke Trailer Grill Reviews and Ratings - Sainik Farms, New Delhi


Rated 4.0 by Shehnaz Siddiqui

If you fade up with fry chicken or mutton this is right place for you. I had been hearing about this place and invited by my friend who planned get together here. it's located Sainik Farms in Ashok Avenue. It's friend get together so can't be refused for me to plan a meal at Smoke Trailer Grill. and will now after visit love to go again though have complained as they has slow services. but for yummy food it's worth full. We got special menu as we were in big foodie group.The chef Dhiraj was shy guy but food was not shy to give you best taste. so menu was mix of veg and non veg. what i can understand that every one was so crazy after having pork grill rib except me as i am not pork person. but the way not ready to stop its tell story. Very well made and smoked for a long period of time so super tender. my favourite in list was deep fried catfish. This was super crispy on the outside with soft moist flesh . I was order repeat as wanted to had more. the whole chicken was nice juicy and tender. like chicken wings much though I am not very fond of wings . it's amazing and lovely taste in wasabi and bbq sauces. what I find not really good was Pizza as it's very typical one with thick crust. and cheese was overly on it which not tender at all. other okay items was some burgers, hotdogs and some pulled pork on an open sandwich except mushrooms one . you can try once but can't be repeat again. American smoky grill style which we hardly find anywhere in Delhi you can find in this backyard. Two people 2400


Rated 5.0 by Dhruv Mathur

It really is a wonder not many people know about this place. It's tucked away serenely into a calm farmhouse setting with rustic feels to cradle your anxiety into sweet barbecue submission. The furniture is laden with plush pillows that you can sink into, and immediately unwind from the long day you've had, and temporarily mute the thoughts of the work related rigmarole that awaits. One can bring their own poison (alcohol, if that wasn't clear) to the party. In an effort to be slightly less naive, I suggest red wine with the red meats that are served here. Mr. Dheeraj, the owner of the property, is enthusiastic about the food. That he is very good at it, is a boon. For the evening, we ordered most of the non vegetarian dishes on the menu, such was the quality of the food. The items that remain unvanquished shall be consumed unquestionably, and despite my waist size - unregretfully. The highlight of the evening was the preparation of the Pork Spare Ribs. Taste, it's as subjective as any of the other 4 senses. However, this, I review objectively as being the softest set of ribs. Mr. Dheeraj deserves all the complements he gets for his creation. The flavour packed into the meat is extraordinary. The burst packed into succulent sections is exciting and the charring of the skin that introduces fresh bitterness into the mix will leave you speechless. And not just because you have a mouth full of food :) The Spatchcock chicken, is prepared patiently and grilled to tenderness while maintaining the crunch of the first bite into the skin. It's food that sounds good when you bite into it. At this point it seems like you're spoiling your senses. Taste, smell AND hearing?! By visiting the place, you'd be doing yourself a favor. So instead of me describing the feeling of eating the food, why not keep just the recommendations in mind and discover the menu for yourself? It's worth the visit and the effort. Folks travel far and wide in an effort to engage their taste buds; it's strange to think about some who have a problem going to a slightly secluded part of town to do the same.


Rated 5.0 by Madhav Mehta

Best ribs ever. Better than the ones in the States lol. Very warm and easy going host. Thanks for a lovely evening Dheeraj! Look forward to many many more 😁


Rated 5.0 by NIMISH KUMAR

Got to know about this hidden gem recently. Everything about the place is excellent that includes the ambience and the food.. We had the cattering menu it was finger licking good. Probably the best pulled pork available in Delhi NCR Too many dishes to be rated individually you have to go and try them to enjoy authentic BBQ food.. The staff is very friendly and helpful plus they know about the food they are serving unlike most restaurants, and i wont call this place a restaurant its like you are having a backyard BBQ which we all miss. The host is the most humble person you will come across.. kudos to them for running such a fine establishment, will be a repeat customer for a long time.


Rated 2.0 by Prenita Aggarwal

Had heard a lot about this place . But was really disappointed with the whole experience. Incompetent servers, lack of seating and average food quality. Totally mismanaged.