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Nariyal Cafe

Aurobindo Marg, Adhchini

Phone no. - +91 0000000000, 011 41019668


Andhra, Continental, Kerala

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Nariyal Cafe Reviews and Ratings - Adhchini, New Delhi


Rated 4.0 by Yathartha Sharma

Warning: This place will make you super nostalgic and will immediately remind you of your recent beach vacation. The ambience is too good, it gives out such such cool and breezy vibes. Talking about the food, they served me a mango flavored nariyal pani in my personalised nariyal ( I brought that nariyal home after all it has my name on it) The unusual mash-up made up for a good refreshing drink. Next I tried their Malay Laksa soup and IT IS A MUST TRY. I won't lie here but I haven't had a better soup. It was coconut shell licking good. After that I tired their Thalaivaa Super Food Salad, healthy and pretty looking salad delighted my tatse buds. Next, I ordered veg and chicken vada paos, the veg one was too dry but the chicken one made up for a good starter. For the mains I had Kodi koora with Malabari Parantha and Appam. The kodi curry was high on flavours and tasted better with Appam instead of the usual pairing of Malabar Parantha. I also tried their Mutton Biryani, it was served in a coconut shell and was really good. I ended my meal on a sweet note with their Murgan Chocolate Bomb, loaded with nuts. The dessert was good but the coconut played a spoilsport here, the coconut proved that in the end it's a coconut. Do try the Malay Laksa Soup!! If you're a coconut lover then this is your heaven and if not then get ready to become a fan of coconut. When you're here at this cafe, you just can't miss out on coconut.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Tanmay Gupta(Shameless Hogger)

Goan, Andhra, Seafood and Semi asian, any cuisine craving, you should definitely consider going to this place again and again. Located in the crowded market of Adchini, it doesn't catch your eye immediately because of the 3rd floor location and tiny boards but once you enter, you'll want to try each and every dish on their menu. We ordered the following- Paan Flavoured Nariyal Paani- An exciting twist to the regular coconut water, though the paan flavour was too much but it was worth a try. Malay Laksa soup- Probably the best coconut base soup I've ever had with four different kinds of toppings in various bowls and packed with flavour, a must must order. Chicken Cafreal- The classic goan chicken with little bit of coconut touch and amazing chicken pieces. Fish Koliwada- The Maharastrian style fish and chips, not too spicy not too bland which goes perfectly with thr chutney. Appam Stew Chicken- The appams are perfectly cooked and the stew is outstanding too but the chicken could've been more flavourful. Classic Goan Prawn Curry- A safe bet wherever you go and here also it didn't disappoint at all with a small quantity of rice served with the goan curry. Take whoever you want to take along or go alone, but whenever next you're in the mood for soutbern food, go here and I can guarantee you'll want to keep coming.

Very Bad

Rated 1.5 by Spicy Nidhi

I came here after reading a lot of good reviews about this place but it was totally a disappointment leave for the ambience and decor. Staff is so rude here and the food is really really bad. My bad, i came here for a date. We started with laksa soup. It wasn't sered hot, it was barely luke warm. Taste was also so so. We thought starters, main course and desserts wouod be good but as our meal progressed, ultimately we found out that this soup was the tastiest of all.

Loved it!

Rated 4.5 by Sahil Chrungu

If you love to try something new, this is the place to be. Continental, sea food and deserts are just amazing. Few must tries at this place are Fried Idly, Thalassa Salad, Caramel Ice cream and Malaylaksha. Theme of the Restro is quite different than day to day restaurants. Really liked the concept arrangements.


Rated 4.0 by Virinda

Nariyal Cafe is located in Adhchini and can be easily located. The ambience is easy breezy, cool and almost takes you back to your beachy vacation. I loved how they worked on my obsession with coconuts because everything was served in coconuts (the name makes it quite obvious) The manner in which dishes were presented and prepared was really good. I loved how they give personalised coconuts to serve coconut water in. It makes for a good souvenir to take back home! The peach and mango coconut water was a refreshing welcome. I started of with their special: Malay laksa soup which was simply too good. I forgot the name of the Salad I had here but it was really good. Their Vada pao was a little bit of a let down. It was too dry. The Chicken pao however, was really yummy. Would recommend it. The mains had Kodi koora, Appam, Malabari parantha and Mutton biryani. The presentation of the meal was decent but the food was absolutely delicious. The kodi koora tasted better with appam than with the malabari parantha. The dessert I ordered was the Chocolate dome which had a coconut surprise inside. It was loaded with chocolate syrup and dry fruits. Would love to visit again. Keep up the good work, team.

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